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madcharge.com - Dualtron Raptor 2
  • - 4.9
Overall, the Dualtron Raptor 2 has the same niche as the Raptor and it is designed for those of us who want a lightweight commuter and a fun scooter we can drive around the town. The Raptor 2 is a solid pick as a last mile solution, and it does offer enough nice features to justify the price tag. That was all for today, thanks for reading. If you found this review useful, please consider sharing it so more people can benefit from reading this.
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Dualtron Mini Electric Scooter- Full Review and More
altriders.com - Dualtron Mini
  • - 4.6
There’s no doubt the Dualtron Mini Electric Scooter is a fantastic product. For the price you’ll pay, it’s excellent value. However in case you are looking for something super-portable, 48 lbs might be still a bit heavy, but to be clear, you will not find much lighter options with a similar performance neither. Besides that, and once you are used to the short deck, this scooter will prove both extremely useful and fun to ride.
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Dualtron Ultra V2 Review 2021
electric.travel - Dualtron Ultra V2
  • - 4.6
Introducing our Dualtron Ultra V2 review for 2021; one of the most powerful & fastest electric scooters we've had the joy of reviewing. Before starting the bulk of our review, here's a brief summary and some pros/cons behind this marvellous model. For starters, the overall performance & build quality of this eScooter is incredible. A beefy Li-ion battery and insane dual 5400W motor are the driving forces behind this super-scooter. However all this power comes at a cost, with the Dualtron Ultra V2 weighing a lot more than an average scooter, even triple the weights of other models
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