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Some things, like street snowboarding, are just more dangerous than others. That’s what makes them fun. - Onewheel Pint
  • - 3.5
To start the board, you have to engage the sensor pad on both halves of the front panel. Sometimes, the front panel didn't sense my heels and the board didn't start, but my spouse, who is heavier than I am, never had a problem. Overall, the Pint’s shorter size, smaller wheel, and slimmer width made it much more responsive once you do get moving. On my first ride, I wobbled significantly more than I had with the XR. Letting a little air out of the tire seemed to make it a little less squiggly, but not much.
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Onewheel's latest board is more for action sports enthusiasts than casual commuters. - Onewheel+ XR
  • - 3
Which isn’t to say that the Onewheel+ XR isn’t enormously fun. It’s just more of an extreme sports toy than it is a commuter vehicle. I recommend strapping on a helmet and some wrist guards more than I recommend riding it to work. As it turns out, stepping outside the boundaries of intuitively understood physics has consequences.
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