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Dualtron Storm

Dualtron Storm
  • Range

    128.7 km

  • Top Speed

    100 kph

  • Motor Power


  • Battery Size

    2268 Wh

The Dualtron Storm is the perfect e-scooter for your daily commute. With a range of 128.7 km, top speed of 100 kph, and motor power of 6700w, this scooter has what it takes to keep you moving. Pneumatic tires help you stay in control on slick surfaces and make riding over bumps a breeze.
Dualtron Storm
Max Load
150 kg
Hill Climbability
70 %
Recharge Time
4.8 - 21 hours
Dual Rubber
128.7 km
Motor Power
Top Speed
100 kph
Battery Size
2268 Wh
46 kg
Reviews of the Dualtron Storm
Rated 4.8 / 5 from 6 Reviews
Dualtron Storm 2020 Newest and baddest in the Dualtron family
After taking the Storm for a spin, we have to admit that it is a MONSTER of an electric scooter. We are not exaggerating. Why? The torque is just so different that only if you gave it a go would you understand what we meant by crazy torque. Dualtron Storm gives such a smooth ride that we want to ride for hours till end. The sturdy frame is excellent but it is really heavy. Definitely, not portable. And do note that the potential mileage and gradability will vary. The real world doesn’t have all the ideal conditions for the scooter to produce the same results given on the manual. If you’re an experienced rider and looking for a monster electric scooter, this is the one you want.
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52 MPH Menace Has a Surprising Feature
The Storm is a top-shelf scooter with top-shelf performance to match. That said, does anyone really need a scooter this fast? Not really. Is the Storm’s throttle response and aggressive sounding motor going to be a little intense for some riders? It probably is, but would we still like to have one in our garage? Yes, yes we would. The Storm is set up very well for aggressive riding, and we like knowing there are options to soften the suspension and double the range if we wanted to do some really long rides. One thing that almost everyone will agree on, though, is that it’s a really good-looking and solidly built scooter. In other words, it’s a Dualtron.
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  • - 4.6
After taking the Storm out for a test-ride, we are left with no choice but to admit that it lives up to its name. It is undoubtedly one beast of a scooter. You won’t find another electric scooter with such a combination of power, durability & power easily – the only real let down is the pricing point – but then, you pay for quality and a brand that is known for making superior quality e scooter models. Asides from portability limitations due to its heavy frame and an eccentric torque which may prove tricky for beginners to handle, Dualtron Storm gives such a smooth riding experience that makes you want to stay on it for hours. If you’re an experienced rider, this monster scooter is the stuff of dreams.
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  • - 4.9
I love the technology behind this scooter. The amount of new features they implemented is insane, and it makes the Dualtron Storm truly a new model. It’s not simply a Thunder 2.0. On that note, there are still a few things about this scooter some people might dislike. It’s very important to understand what exactly you are getting to avoid frustrations. I hope this review helped you to make a more informed decision. As always, thanks for sticking around.
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For Riders On The Storm Only
The Dualtron Storm is a scooter made for experienced riders. It’s fast, powerful, and truly fun, but warrants a competent driver that will use it properly at high speeds. This is one of the most powerful, best-looking, futuristic scooters ever made. It costs a lot, but offers anything we can imagine a scooter can offer. The price of the scooter is definitely on the premium side. In fact, this is one of the most expensive electric scooters currently available. Still, if you want one of the truly best electric scooters available in the world right now, and you can afford a product like this, then you will probably want to consider the Dualtron Storm.
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Great for big riders with bigger wallets
The Storm, like other Dualtron scooters, has brightly lit branding on the deck and steering tube. These lights can be customized to light in different colors, flash, scroll up and down, you name it. The light show is controlled with a small remote that ships with the scooter. The scooter also projects the Dualtron name on the ground -- something you see on some cars when the doors are open. The Dualtron Storm is generally a great scooter but there is no getting around that big price tag or its size. The Storm is the top model in the company's lineup, however, with nine more options and starting at a more reasonable $1,499.
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