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Editor's Note

Dualtron Three stands as a solid choice for speed-seekers and commuters wanting raw power in their hands – or rather, beneath their feet. While it brings joy and efficiency to travels, its heft and mechanical brakes invite reflections on potential improvements.

Dualtron Three

Dualtron Three
  • Range

    75 Miles

  • Top Speed

    40 MPH

  • Motor Power


  • Battery Size



  • Powerful acceleration
  • Long-range capabilities
  • Sturdy build quality


  • Heavy to transport
  • Stiff suspension for some
  • Mechanical brakes over hydraulic

Product Overview

Electric enthusiasts seeking thrills and efficiency, listen up. Dualtron Three is tailored for you. Crave speed? It delivers. Yearning for a reliable commuter? Look no further. But if your heart is set on a lightweight, effortless carry, this might not be your match.

Design and Build Quality:

Dualtron Three exudes sturdiness from every angle. Rubber suspension hints at durability, while the robust frame reassures during high-speed escapades. Assembly was straightforward, although its heft requires some muscle. Daily interactions reveal thoughtful design elements – the folding mechanism is a godsend for storage.

Overall Performance:

This machine’s versatility impressed me – smooth sailing on city streets for daily commutes, yet equally adept at delivering adrenaline when unleashed. Acceleration feels nearly instantaneous, braking dependable even in those heart-stopping moments. Covering significant distances was worry-free; however, full throttle affects range noticeably.

The Motors & Battery:

With 3600w under the hood, hills became mere bumps in my travels. Power rarely felt lacking; instead, this scooter thrust forward with eager enthusiasm. Battery life mostly aligned with the promised specs; frequent high-speed bursts and uphill rides did lead to quicker drains, but such is the nature of beasts with such voracity.

The Wheels & Braking:

Wheels gripped terra firma with an eagerness that bred confidence. Braking offered reassurance, although mechanical systems like these lack the nuanced control of their hydraulic counterparts – a note worth considering for safety purists.

Overall Handling:

Navigating through urban jungles and open roads alike showcased Dualtron Three’s handling prowess. Comfort was satisfactory for extended periods, though lighter riders may find the stiff suspension less forgiving over rough surfaces.

Maintenance and Repair:

Routine upkeep proved manageable with a bit of elbow grease and patience. When issues arose beyond my expertise, support from the brand was adequate – not exceptional but serviceable. Parts availability seemed fine, but some items took their time arriving.

Additional Features:

Additional perks sprinkled throughout did not go unnoticed – electric gauges kept me informed without distraction; however, I found myself yearning for more advanced safety features that are becoming standard in newer models.


Given my experiences and weighing all factors, I'd rate Dualtron Three at 7/10. Stellar performance metrics earn it high marks but considering its weight and lackluster advanced safety options hold back a perfect score.

Dualtron Three Specification

Dualtron Three
80 lbs
Max Load
265 lbs
75 Miles
Top Speed
40 MPH
Motor Power
Battery Size
Recharge Time
20 Hours
Hill Climbability

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