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Editor's Note

Owning the Dualtron Spider 2 feels like having your personal rollercoaster ready at the push of a button — thrilling yet dependable. This e-scooter speaks volumes to those who demand top-tier performance without compromising on portability.

Dualtron Spider 2

Dualtron Spider 2
  • Range

    65 Miles

  • Top Speed

    48 MPH

  • Motor Power


  • Battery Size



  • Powerful acceleration
  • Long battery range
  • Solid build quality


  • Long recharge time
  • Could benefit from air-filled tires
  • Mechanical brakes instead of hydraulic

Product Overview

Electric scooters have carved out their niche in the urban jungle, and the Dualtron Spider 2 is a testament to this evolution. Designed for the enthusiast who craves speed and reliability, this machine delivers a potent blend of performance and portability that's hard to overlook. Riders seeking adrenaline without sacrificing practicality will be drawn to its capabilities, but casual users might find it's more than they bargained for.

Design and Build Quality:

From first glance, Dualtron Spider 2 exudes robustness. The carbon fiber and aircraft-grade aluminum frame doesn't just look good; it feels sturdy underfoot. Maneuvering through busy sidewalks, I appreciated the solid construction that didn't rattle or shake, instilling confidence at high speeds. Assembly was straightforward, requiring minimal effort which allowed me to get on the road quickly.

Overall Performance:

Performance is where Spider 2 shines. Acceleration is brisk, making short work of steep inclines with surprising ease. Commuting turns into an exhilarating experience as you zip past traffic snarls. The top speed of 48 MPH is not just a number; it's palpable, with the scooter hurtling forward with gusto. Breaking power matches this intensity—mechanical brakes bring it to a halt efficiently, though I found myself wishing for hydraulic ones during emergency stops.

The Motors & Battery:

Equipped with a jaw-dropping 3984w motor power, Spider 2 never leaves you wanting more punch. Whether tackling hills or accelerating on flats, the dual motors respond with vigor. Battery life is commendable; I consistently hit close to the advertised 65-mile range on moderate rides, although heavy throttle use will see that number dip.

The Wheels & Braking:

Daily rides are smooth sailing thanks to rubber suspension absorbing most road imperfections. However, on rugged terrain, I missed having air-filled tires which could offer more cushioning. Braking was reliable on dry pavement but required extra caution when roads were wet.

Overall Handling:

Handling this beast was intuitive after a brief adjustment period. It felt nimble around tight corners and stable when cruising at high speeds. Comfort during rides varied; for shorter jaunts it was fine, but longer trips made me wish for a more ergonomic design.

Maintenance and Repair:

Maintenance was mostly DIY-friendly with regular cleaning and tightening of screws sufficing. When issues arose, parts were readily available online although dealing directly with the brand varied in responsiveness.

Additional Features:

Extras like electric gauges kept me informed of speed and battery levels at-a-glance — incredibly handy during long rides to manage range anxiety effectively.


I'd give Dualtron Spider 2 an enthusiastic 8/10. Its sheer power and range capability overshadowed most drawbacks such as the lengthy recharge time and lack of hydraulic brakes.

Dualtron Spider 2 Specification

Dualtron Spider 2
57 lbs
Max Load
220 lbs
65 Miles
Top Speed
48 MPH
Motor Power
Battery Size
Recharge Time
17 Hours
Hill Climbability

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