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Here is where you will find a wealth of information covering every aspect of owning and riding an electric skateboard or scooter. Whether you need advice on safety gear or maintaining your e-ride, we have a blog post for you.

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Uncover the fascinating evolution of electric scooters and skateboards.

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From insurance to license requirements, unearth the e-ride legal landscape.

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Practical advice and step-by-step guides to support you in maintaining your e-ride.

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Understand the mechanical make-up and specifications of your electric device.

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A plethora of safety advice to ensure your electrifying rides are as safe as they are thrilling.

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Hone your riding skills; find the perfect stance to pulling off slick skateboarding tricks.

Riding a Mile on an Electric Scooter: How Long Does it Take?

Have you ever gazed at an electric scooter and found yourself wondering just how long it would take to cover a mile on one of those sleek machines? It’s a seemingly simple question, but the answer is a surprising journey into the world of variables, rider influence, battery life, and…

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How to Ride an Electric Scooter Legally

In a world where eco-friendly commuting is gaining traction, electric scooters have emerged as a popular choice. They’re swift, convenient, and fun to ride, but do you know the legalities surrounding their use? Understanding the laws and regulations associated with electric scooters is crucial to ensure your smooth ride doesn’t…

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Choosing the Right Electric Skateboard: A Definitive Guide

Imagine the exhilaration of gliding along city streets or searing down hills, the wind in your hair, on your very own electric skateboard. In a world where mobility and personal expression have intersected like never before, choosing the right electric skateboard can enhance your lifestyle, cater to your specific needs,…

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How Much Power Does My Electric Skateboard Need?

Have you ever been cruising along on your electric skateboard, only to find the power drain unexpectedly? Understanding the power needs of your electric skateboard is more than just a fun fact — it’s crucial to your riding experience. Let’s unravel this electrifying mystery together, shall we? What we’ll cover…

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Electric Skateboard Essentials

Imagine gliding through the city streets, the wind rushing past, aboard your very own electric skateboard. A fusion of technology and adrenaline, this modern mode of transportation is a thrilling way to navigate your urban jungle. But, what do you need to make this dream a reality? What we’ll cover:…

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How Fast Can Electric Skateboards Go?

Imagine the exhilaration of wind rushing past you, the world blurring into a stunning panorama as you glide on your electric skateboard. Ever wondered how fast these marvels of modern tech can propel you? Well, you’re about to discover just that. What we’ll cover: The Meaning of Electric Skateboard Speed…

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