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Onewheel+ XR

Onewheel+ XR
  • Range

    15 miles (24 km)

  • Top Speed

    19 mph (30 km/h)

  • Battery Size

    324 Wh

The Onewheel+ XR is a new, game-changing way to skate. With a larger 324 Wh battery, it can go for up to 15 miles (24 km) on a single charge and reach speeds up to 19 mph (30 km/h). It also features our best-in-class drivetrain with one hub motor, upgraded motors and firmware, and a new wider deck design that's more stable and comfortable to ride. It's perfect for going faster, farther, and higher than ever before.
Onewheel+ XR
27 lbs (12.5 kg)
15 miles (24 km)
Top Speed
19 mph (30 km/h)
Battery Size
324 Wh
Drive Train
1 x Hub
Air Travel Friendly
Reviews of the Onewheel+ XR
Rated 3.4 / 5 from 3 Reviews
Test driving the Onewheel+ XR on the streets of New York
One final feature in the app is a global leaderboard, where you can see who's put in the most miles or longest riding streak. I'm currently at 457 miles, but that's only good enough to rank as No. 508. I chatted with the current No. 6 milage rider, who goes by @Stevie_Wondaa, and he summed up the experience by saying something I completely agree wi...
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Onewheel's latest board is more for action sports enthusiasts than casual commuters.
  • - 3
Which isn’t to say that the Onewheel+ XR isn’t enormously fun. It’s just more of an extreme sports toy than it is a commuter vehicle. I recommend strapping on a helmet and some wrist guards more than I recommend riding it to work. As it turns out, stepping outside the boundaries of intuitively understood physics has consequences....
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Onewheel+ XR Review
  • - 3.8
Earning our Editors' Choice award, the Onewheel+ XR is an absolute blast to ride. This self-balancing skateboard cruises over practically any terrain, bringing you a ride that is highly reminiscent of surfing or snowboarding. It's exceptionally fast, has an excellent range, and is comfortable enough to ride for longer trips. On top of all that, we ...
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