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Editor's Note

Having spent ample time carving pavements and challenging slopes with Lycaon Swift, I'm thoroughly impressed by its gusto paired with sensible features making every ride not just fun but reliable too. From breezy set-up to powerful motors ready to conquer inclines without flinching – this skateboard has earned a solid spot in my lineup.

Lycaon Swift

Lycaon Swift
  • Top Speed

    50 km/h

  • Motor Power

    2 × 850 W, 2 × 750 W

  • Battery Size

    466 Wh


  • Rapid acceleration
  • High top speed
  • Comfortable ride quality
  • Intuitive remote control


  • Range decreases at higher speeds
  • Occasional brake hesitation on rough surfaces
  • Limited availability of spare parts

Product Overview

Riders eager for that electrifying surge of adrenaline, meet your match: the Lycaon Swift. This e-skateboard is a powerhouse designed for enthusiasts who crave speed and performance. Ideal for those who have some experience under their belt, this board offers thrilling acceleration for the daring and dynamic. Newbies or folks looking for a leisurely cruise might find its capabilities a bit daunting, so bear that in mind.

Design and Build Quality:

First impressions? This board feels robust, like it can take on daily challenges without breaking a sweat. With a sleek design, its dual 850 W motors are housed in a sturdy frame that speaks volumes about durability. Materials feel top-notch, resisting wear from regular use. Assembling this beast was a breeze, aligning perfectly with its user-friendly ethos.

Overall Performance:

Lycaon Swift is synonymous with versatility. Whether weaving through city traffic or enjoying an open road, it performs admirably. Its 50 km/h top speed is not just a number; you feel every bit of that potential rushing beneath your feet. Hill climbs? Handled with ease. The real joy comes from its smooth acceleration curve which doesn't sacrifice control for power. Braking is responsive, instilling confidence during those high-speed adventures.

The Motors & Battery:

Now, about those twin motors – they deliver relentless thrust propelling you forward with gusto. However, pushing them to their limits does impact battery life significantly; riding at more moderate speeds extends your journey's duration noticeably. Battery longevity lives up to expectations generally, but aggressive riding tends to drain it faster than one might hope.

The Wheels & Braking:

Rolling on these wheels feels like gliding across velvet – mostly. Even tackled some rougher terrains successfully! But there's a catch: when it comes to braking on unpredictable surfaces, I felt a momentary hint of unease before the system reaffirmed its grip on the situation.

Overall Handling:

Whether cruising by the seaside or darting around urban corners, handling remains precise and agreeable. The board's weight distribution and ergonomics ensure comfort remains high throughout rides across various landscapes.

Maintenance and Repair:

Maintenance was straightforward enough – regular checks and tweaks here and there kept everything in tip-top shape. Dealing with the manufacturer proved hassle-free when it came to service inquiries; they were prompt and helpful. While replacement parts weren't always immediately available, patience paid off as all necessary components eventually found their way to me.

Additional Features:

Remote control functionality on this model felt intuitive from the start; it became an extension of my hand quickly after unboxing. Electric gauges provided clear feedback on the go without overwhelming me with unnecessary details.


For delivering exhilarating rides with robust build quality and dependable performance features, I rate Lycaon Swift 8/10. Some points are docked for battery life under high-performance demand and the occasional hesitation in braking on less forgiving terrain.

Lycaon Swift Specification

Lycaon Swift (Belt)Lycaon Swift (Hub)
8.9 kg8.9 kg
Top Speed
50 km/h50 km/h
Motor Power
2 × 850 W2 × 750 W
Battery Size
466 Wh466 Wh
Drive Train
2WD, belt drive, 90 mm2WD, hub drive, 90 mm

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