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Editor's Note

Navigating both paved streets and challenging terrain aboard the Black Hawk AT 2 was mostly a pleasure trip with just a few bumps along the way. Its mix of raw power and overall reliability caters well to riders looking for versatility in their e-skate experience.

Vestar Black Hawk AT 2

Vestar Black Hawk AT 2
  • Top Speed

    44 km/h

  • Motor Power

    2 × 2000 W

  • Battery Size

    630 Wh


  • Robust build quality
  • Strong acceleration and hill-climbing capability
  • Good battery life


  • Wheel wobble on smooth surfaces
  • Weight could be cumbersome for some
  • May require minor modifications for optimal fit

Product Overview

Electric skateboards have transformed the way we carve concrete waves, and the Vestar Black Hawk AT 2 has definitely caught my attention. Tailored for those who crave a blend of adrenaline and reliability on varied terrains, this e-skateboard is a prime pick for thrill-seekers. It promises to deliver for riders aiming to transition from urban landscapes to more challenging ground, though not without some quirks.

Design and Build Quality:

Upon first laying eyes on the Black Hawk AT 2, its robust construction is evident. Sporting a belt drive system that is both sturdy and responsive, every detail feels well-thought-out. Assembly was a breeze; tools glided effortlessly as parts clicked into place—no sweat there.

Overall Performance:

For commuting, it's more than competent. As fun riding goes, this board definitely packs a punch with its exhilarating top speed of 44 km/h. It's got zip! Zipping up hills was like taking a walk in the park, thanks to the dual 2000 W motors under its belly. Braking was responsive yet smooth—no jerky stops here—and the distance capability felt in line with expectations, keeping me rolling for lengthy sessions.

The Motors & Battery:

Let me tell you about power—it has plenty! Those motors didn't falter whether I was cruising or climbing steep inclines. The battery life was commendable; I got several days of regular use before needing to reach for the charger. While tackling different terrains, battery performance remained consistent with promised specs.

The Wheels & Braking:

Now onto the wheels, which are like the sturdy boots of an all-terrain vehicle—mostly great on rugged paths but with noticeable wobble on smoother surfaces. However, navigating over pebbles and cracks was generally no problem at all. The braking system contributed significantly to overall safety and comfort during rides.

Overall Handling:

Riding the Black Hawk AT 2 felt intuitive in different environments. Whether carving through city streets or tackling less forgiving paths, handling remained solid and reassuring. Comfort-wise, rides were mostly smooth sailing; however, at higher speeds or on too polished pavements, that wheel wobble did creep in.

Maintenance and Repair:

Maintenance proved straightforward with my toolkit always handy for minor tweaks. In terms of support, dealing with Vestar felt hassle-free—they seemed committed to resolving issues promptly. Finding parts wasn't a wild goose chase either; availability seemed good for those inevitable wear-and-tear replacements.

Additional Features:

The quality remote control became second nature quickly; gauges provided essential info at a glance during rides. Safety features didn't go unnoticed either—always appreciated when pushing boundaries on new terrains.


Considering everything from design to performance and maintenance ease, I'd give this e-skateboard a solid 7/10.

Vestar Black Hawk AT 2 Specification

Vestar Black Hawk AT 2
11.8 kg
Top Speed
44 km/h
Motor Power
2 × 2000 W
Battery Size
630 Wh
Drive Train
2WD, belt drive, 170 mm

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