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Editor's Note

Owning the Verreal RS Pro AT feels like having VIP access to an exclusive club of performance e-skateboards without breaking the bank. It's adept both as a reliable daily commuter and weekend thrill-machine, offering power and resilience in spades.

Verreal RS Pro AT

Verreal RS Pro AT
  • Top Speed

    45 km/h

  • Motor Power

    2 × 1500 W

  • Battery Size

    666 Wh


  • Robust build quality
  • High top speed and powerful acceleration
  • Long battery life


  • Heavier than some may prefer
  • Could be intimidating for beginners

Product Overview

Thrill-seekers and daily commuters, meet the Verreal RS Pro AT – a beast of an e-skateboard that's got a bite as big as its bark. With its dual 1500 W motors and aggressive design, this board is a dream for riders looking to tackle any terrain or those craving the rush of speed.

Design and Build Quality:

From the moment you lay eyes on it, Verreal RS Pro AT exudes ruggedness with its robust frame and commanding presence. Materials feel premium; nothing gives off a cheap vibe. Each ride confirms that this board is built to endure. Assembly? Practically nonexistent. Out of the box, you're ready to roll after a quick once-over.

Overall Performance:

Verreal RS Pro AT doesn't just look tough; it performs like a champ. This board is quick off the mark, darting up to its top speed of 45 km/h with an enthusiasm that'll leave you grinning ear-to-ear. Hills don't stand a chance – the power underfoot feels limitless. Braking is responsive; you feel in control even when stopping on a dime. And distance? You can expect to cover significant ground without battery anxiety creeping in.

The Motors & Battery:

Those twin 1500 W motors are no joke – they're torquey, responsive, and relentless across different terrains. Battery life mirrors specifications closely; I noticed only minor variances under different riding conditions, which is impressive considering the punch this board packs.

The Wheels & Braking:

Riding daily comes with comfort thanks to those 150 mm wheels, absorbing most of what the streets throw at you. Braking instills confidence – smooth yet powerful enough to handle emergency situations without throwing you off balance.

Overall Handling:

Whether cruising down boulevards or weaving through city obstacles, handling remains tight and intuitive. Carving is effortless, stability commendable - especially at higher speeds where lesser boards would wobble.

Maintenance and Repair:

Maintenance has been minimal – mostly cleaning and checking belt tension after rides. When I encountered issues, customer service was on point, guiding me through simple fixes without hassle. Finding parts wasn't an ordeal either; most were readily available online.

Additional Features:

Everyday usage gets a boost from well-thought-out features like the quality remote control which pairs seamlessly and offers real-time data with clarity and precision. Safety features didn't feel like an afterthought but integral parts of the design ethos.


Taking everything into account, I'm giving this powerhouse an 8/10. Its performance prowess is undeniable, though weight might be a factor for some when portability is key.

Verreal RS Pro AT Specification

Verreal RS Pro AT
13 kg
Top Speed
45 km/h
Motor Power
2 × 1500 W
Battery Size
666 Wh
Drive Train
2WD, belt drive, 150 mm

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