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Editor's Note

Every ride on the Lacroix Nazare Supersport felt like an event rather than just transportation. Its blend of raw power with polished control commands respect and delivers an unmatched riding experience for those willing to harness it.

Lacroix Nazare Supersport

Lacroix Nazare Supersport
  • Top Speed

    70 km/h

  • Motor Power

    2 × 4550 W

  • Battery Size

    Molicel, INR21700, 18s4p, 1073 Wh


  • Exhilarating top speed
  • Strong torque and hill-climbing ability
  • High-quality build materials
  • Reliable safety features


  • Overpowering for casual riders
  • Weighty compared to other boards
  • Price point may be prohibitive

Product Overview

Riders looking for an adrenaline-packed commute or a thrilling weekend ride, the Lacroix Nazare Supersport could be your next big thrill. With its robust build and high-speed capabilities, it's clear this e-skateboard is designed for those who crave excitement and aren't afraid of a powerful ride. However, if leisurely strolls and relaxed rides are more your style, this beast might be more than you bargained for.

Design and Build Quality:

From the moment I laid eyes on this board, its premium feel was undeniable. Handling the Nazare Supersport, I could tell that durability wasn't going to be a concern. Decked out in sleek carbon fiber with meticulous attention to detail, this e-skateboard felt like a tank under my feet. Assembly was nonexistent; right out of the box, it was ready to take on the streets.

Overall Performance:

Performance is where the Nazare Supersport truly shines. Zipping through cityscapes at up to 70 km/h made my daily commute an exhilarating experience rather than mundane. When it came to fun riding on open roads, its speed was intoxicating. Climbing hills at a 40% grade felt effortless, as if gravity had loosened its grip just for this board.

Acceleration was both smooth and ferocious, demanding respect and careful throttle control. Braking provided peace of mind with reliable deceleration even when descending steep hills – essential given this board's velocity capabilities.

The Motors & Battery:

Powered by twin 4550 W motors, torque was never in short supply. These powerhouses laughed in the face of steep inclines and propelled me forward with unyielding force. Battery life met expectations; during varied use cases from quick sprints to longer cruises, I consistently hit near the claimed 1073 Wh capacity before needing a recharge.

The Wheels & Braking:

Riding on diverse terrain highlighted the importance of quality wheels – which thankfully the Nazare Supersport has in spades. Comfort remained high despite encounters with less-than-ideal road conditions. Safety never felt compromised thanks to the braking system's responsiveness; each squeeze of the brake instilled confidence, bringing me to a halt smoothly and predictably.

Overall Handling:

Steering this powerhouse felt natural after only a short adjustment period. Its handling prowess shone through when navigating tight corners or dodging unforeseen obstacles during high-speed jaunts. Even in less-than-perfect conditions, comfort didn't take a back seat – every ride felt as secure as it was thrilling.

Maintenance and Repair:

Routine maintenance proved simple enough for anyone familiar with skateboards; however, when faced with repairs beyond basic upkeep, manufacturer support was top-notch. Availability of parts wasn't an issue – crucial for such an investment in both time and money.

Additional Features:

Useful additions like a quality remote control offering precise input for speed adjustments and electric gauges providing real-time data helped keep my focus on the ride rather than guesswork about remaining range or current speed.


Given my experiences: 9/10. What influenced this score? The thrilling performance matched with rugged build quality and reliable safety features gave me little room for complaint.

Lacroix Nazare Supersport Specification

Lacroix Nazare Supersport
18.5 kg
Top Speed
70 km/h
Motor Power
2 × 4550 W
Battery Size
Molicel, INR21700, 18s4p, 1073 Wh
Drive Train
2WD, belt drive, 0 mm, 40 % hill climb

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