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Editor's Note

Riding the Exway Atlas Pro felt akin to commanding a small vehicle rather than just a skateboard—the power underfoot is undeniable. While not without its minor setbacks in terms of ride comfort on uneven surfaces and maintenance aspects, these are overshadowed by the exhilaration of riding it and the quality build that comes across in every aspect.

Exway Atlas Pro

Exway Atlas Pro
  • Top Speed

    60 km/h

  • Motor Power

    4 × 1750 W, 2 × 1750 W

  • Battery Size

    Lishen, 12S4P, 21700, 701 Wh

  • Max Load

    130 kg


  • Exceptional speed and acceleration
  • Solid build quality
  • Responsive braking system


  • Comfort on rough terrain can be improved
  • High price point
  • Some parts challenging to source

Product Overview

Electric skateboarding enthusiasts who crave a board that can bring the thrill of adventure right under their feet, meet the Exway Atlas Pro. Designed for those with a penchant for speed and robust design, this electric skateboard is a powerhouse. Yet, those looking for a light wallet-friendly option might want to consider other models.

Design and Build Quality:

Exway Atlas Pro boasts a refined look with high-grade materials that make it both durable and aesthetically pleasing. Hands-on, this e-skateboard feels solid, like a reliable companion on urban streets or rugged paths. Assembly was straightforward and hassle-free, allowing more time to ride than fiddle with parts.

Overall Performance:

During my outings, Atlas Pro's prowess was evident whether I was zipping through city traffic or enjoying leisure rides in the park. Its top speed of 60 km/h turned heads and the acceleration gave me an adrenaline rush that was hard to beat. Climbing hills was also impressive, barely noticing the incline thanks to its powerful motors. Braking was precise and responsive, giving me confidence even during unexpected stops.

The Motors & Battery:

Dual 1750 W motors are like unleashed stallions—powerful and ready to gallop at your command. Battery performance was consistent with specifications, providing ample range for daily commutes and extended joyrides alike. I noticed battery life dipped slightly when pushing the board to its limits continuously but remained within acceptable boundaries.

The Wheels & Braking:

Equipped with 160 mm pneumatic wheels, riding felt smooth even on less forgiving terrain. Braking was sharp yet controlled; however, I experienced some discomfort when navigating potholes or rough patches—something potential buyers should note.

Overall Handling:

Handling on various terrains—from asphalt to dirt paths—was intuitive and comfortable after some initial adjustments to find my preferred settings. Maneuvering through tight corners or crowded spaces felt natural once accustomed to the board's response rate.

Maintenance and Repair:

Maintaining Atlas Pro required minimal effort; routine checks kept it in tip-top shape. When issues did arise, customer service was commendable in providing guidance, although some parts were not as readily available as I would have liked. Nonetheless, do-it-yourself repairs were manageable with basic tools.

Additional Features:

Atlas Pro comes with some nifty extras like a quality remote control which became second nature to use over time. The electric gauges provided useful feedback on-the-fly without distraction. Safety features also integrated seamlessly into my daily rides, never feeling intrusive but always present.


8/10 – This rating reflects my experience with Exway Atlas Pro's thrilling performance tempered by considerations around comfort on rough surfaces and part availability for repairs.

Exway Atlas Pro Specification

Exway Atlas Pro 4WDExway Atlas Pro 2WD
17.7 kg14.9 kg
Max Load
130 kg130 kg
Top Speed
60 km/h60 km/h
Motor Power
4 × 1750 W2 × 1750 W
Battery Size
Lishen, 12S4P, 21700, 701 WhLishen, 12S4P, 21700, 701 Wh
Drive Train
4WD, belt drive, 160 mm pneumatic wheels2WD, belt drive, 160 mm pneumatic wheels

Where to buy the Exway Atlas Pro

The lowest price is $1599 for the Exway Atlas Pro, available from multiple sites. The 6 purchase links we have analyzed have revealed an average price of $1,820.

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