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Editor's Note

Riding the B-One Titan Carbon is like wielding thunder—a powerful yet sleek companion that transforms mundane trips into adventures. It delivers on speed and performance promises but doesn't forget about safety and reliability—a balancing act not all boards achieve as elegantly.

B-One Titan Carbon

B-One Titan Carbon
  • Top Speed

    60 km/h

  • Motor Power

    2 × 3500 W, 6374, 170 kv, 4 × 1500 W, 6368, 170 kv

  • Battery Size

    Panasonic 13S4P 21700, 20 Ah, 936 Wh, Samsung 40T 13S4P 21700, 16 Ah, 768 Wh

  • Max Load

    150 kg


  • High top speed
  • Strong motor power
  • Long battery range
  • Durable carbon fiber construction
  • Intuitive remote control


  • Less comfortable on rough surfaces
  • Not ideal for beginners due to high power
  • Price point may be high for casual users

Product Overview

Navigating the bustling city streets or carving down a scenic path has never been more exhilarating than with the B-One Titan Carbon, a dream machine for thrill-seekers and speed enthusiasts. This electric skateboard's robust build and high-speed capabilities cater to adrenaline junkies who crave top-notch performance but may not suit someone looking for a casual, leisurely ride.

Design and Build Quality:

Handling the B-One Titan Carbon, you immediately notice the refined carbon fiber deck which not only adds to its futuristic aesthetic but also offers durability without excess weight. Assembly was a breeze, right out of the box it felt like setting up was no more complicated than gearing up for a regular skate session. Standout design elements included sleek contours that not only looked good but also provided functional aerodynamics during rides.

Overall Performance:

Performance-wise, this e-skateboard is an absolute beast. Commuting transforms from mundane to thrilling as you zip through traffic at speeds that can clock up to 60 km/h. Its acceleration is punchy, sending a surge of power beneath your feet that demands respect and attention. Braking is equally impressive – responsive and reliable even when descending hills, giving peace of mind during faster rides. For long-distance journeys, I found the range more than satisfactory, consistently hitting near the upper end of distance capabilities.

The Motors & Battery:

The dual 3500 W motors are nothing short of powerful, tackling steep inclines with relative ease. They roar to life underfoot, providing an intoxicating feeling of raw power at your command. In terms of battery life, I found it generally lived up to expectations, allowing for extended sessions before requiring a recharge. Riding through various scenarios from quick errands to leisurely cruises at dusk, the battery remained resilient and reliable throughout.

The Wheels & Braking:

Equipped with 120 mm cloudwheels, rides were smooth even over less forgiving terrain. Yet while comfort was generally high on smoother surfaces, rough patches did challenge stability at times. Braking system performance was solid; it provided confidence in stopping power without feeling jerky or unpredictable - crucial when navigating through unpredictable urban environments.

Overall Handling:

Maneuverability was surprisingly nimble for such a powerhouse; weaving around obstacles felt intuitive and controlled. Whether taking tight turns in cityscapes or gliding along park paths, handling remained precise and enjoyable throughout various environments.

Maintenance and Repair:

Maintenance on the Titan Carbon was minimal; keeping it clean and checking bolts for tightness sufficed for upkeep. When dealing with repairs, my experience with customer service was more than pleasant—issues were addressed efficiently without much hassle on my end. Parts seemed readily available although I didn't have much need for them during my time with the board.

Additional Features:

The quality remote control felt like an extension of my own reflexes—responsive and easy to use without unnecessary complexity. Safety features built into the board offered reassurance without being intrusive, blending seamlessly into each ride.


Based on my experiences—from exhilarating high-speed escapades to more practical commuting uses—I give the B-One Titan Carbon an 8/10 rating. The points were mainly docked for comfort issues over rougher terrain which might affect longer rides adversely.

B-One Titan Carbon Specification

B-One Titan CarbonB-One Titan CarbonB-One Titan Carbon (4WD)
13 kg13 kg16 kg
Max Load
150 kg150 kg150 kg
Top Speed
60 km/h60 km/h60 km/h
Motor Power
2 × 3500 W, 6374, 170 kv2 × 3500 W, 6374, 170 kv4 × 1500 W, 6368, 170 kv
Battery Size
Panasonic 13S4P 21700, 20 Ah, 936 WhPanasonic 13S4P 21700, 20 Ah, 936 WhSamsung 40T 13S4P 21700, 16 Ah, 768 Wh
Drive Train
2WD, belt drive, 120 mm cloudwheels, 30 % hill climb2WD, belt drive, 150 mm pneumatic wheels, 30 % hill climb4WD, belt drive, 150 mm pneumatic wheels, 50 % hill climb

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