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Editor's Note

The Ecomobl M24 proved itself more than just an electric skateboard; it's a powerhouse on wheels designed for those who want more from their ride than just getting from point A to B. Its marriage of raw strength with smart design elements solidifies its standing as a top-tier option in high-performance e-skateboards.

Ecomobl M24

Ecomobl M24
  • Top Speed

    50 km/h

  • Motor Power

    4 × 3050 W, 6382

  • Battery Size

    Ecomobl, 10s6p, 864 Wh

  • Max Load

    150 kg


  • High top speed
  • Strong hill-climbing ability
  • Long battery life
  • Responsive braking system
  • Durable build quality


  • May be too intense for casual riders
  • Heavier than average e-skateboards
  • Higher price point due to premium features

Product Overview

Ecomobl M24 is a thrill-seeker's dream, designed for those who crave speed and power in their e-skateboard. The gutsy adventurer and the commuter looking for an efficient, yet exhilarating ride to work will both appreciate the capabilities of this board. Casual riders might find it more than they bargained for, though.

Design and Build Quality:

Cruising on the Ecomobl M24 feels like wielding a piece of cutting-edge technology with every push off the ground. Crafted from sturdy materials, this e-skateboard has an aura of durability that one can sense immediately upon laying eyes on it. Substantial yet not unwieldy, its heft is noticeable but translates into a stable and robust ride. The planetary gear drive integrated within its design stands out, proving that function and form can coexist seamlessly. When it came time to assemble, I found the process straightforward with clear instructions.

Overall Performance:

Performance-wise, the M24 doesn't just meet expectations; it blasts past them. With a top speed clocking in at 50 km/h, my adrenaline was pumping whether I was darting through city streets or having a blast on open roads. Even steep hills didn't dampen its spirit – this board climbed them with surprising ease. Its acceleration is crisp and immediate, making it a joy to zip away from standstill positions. Braking is equally impressive – responsive without being jarring – instilling confidence during rides.

The Motors & Battery:

The quad motors totaling over 12,000 W are monstrous in their output, delivering unyielding power that propels you forward like a rocket. Whether I faced inclines or flat terrain, power was never in short supply. Battery life impressed me too; the 864 Wh pack kept true to its promise, providing long riding sessions without frequent charging interruptions. In varied scenarios including high-speed jaunts and uphill treks, battery performance remained consistent.

The Wheels & Braking:

200 x 55 mm wheels underpinning the Ecomobl M24 offer a plush ride over diverse surfaces; small debris and cracks rarely disrupted my cruising. Safety-wise, when braking power was called upon – it delivered decisively every time.

Overall Handling:

Maneuvering this beast felt intuitive despite its formidable specifications. Comfort was not left by the wayside even with such focus on performance; rides were enjoyable with minimal vibration and jolts across various terrains.

Maintenance and Repair:

My maintenance routine stayed relatively minimal throughout my week-long experience – mostly just keeping components clean and tightened where necessary. Fortunately, dealing with the brand for parts was hassle-free when needed; responsiveness paired with part availability made upkeep straightforward.

Additional Features:

Beyond raw power and speed, additional features like quality remote control contributed to seamless operation while electric gauges provided useful real-time feedback during rides. These features became integral parts of my daily routine quickly as they enriched overall user experience.


Given all facets of performance, comfort, and additional features, I'd rate Ecomobl M24 a solid 8/10.

Ecomobl M24 Specification

Ecomobl M24
24.9 kg
Max Load
150 kg
Top Speed
50 km/h
Motor Power
4 × 3050 W, 6382
Battery Size
Ecomobl, 10s6p, 864 Wh
Drive Train
4WD, gears drive, 200 × 55 mm wheels with planetary gear drive, 45-47 % hill climb

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