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Editor's Note

Riding the Ecomobl M20 is akin to commanding a powerhouse that respects your need for speed yet cares for your safety—an ideal balance for any e-skateboard aficionado out there. It solidifies itself as a reliable companion for diverse skating adventures.

Ecomobl M20

Ecomobl M20
  • Top Speed

    44 km/h

  • Motor Power

    2 × 2000 W, 6366

  • Battery Size

    Ecomobl 10C, 12s4p, 768 Wh

  • Max Load

    150 kg


  • Robust dual motors
  • Long battery life
  • Comfortable handling
  • Easy maintenance
  • Responsive brakes


  • Heavier than some boards
  • May be too intense for beginners

Product Overview

Imagine the thrill of carving through urban landscapes and mastering off-road terrains with a beastly e-skateboard that doesn't just promise adventure but delivers it with every ride. The Ecomobl M20 caters to enthusiasts seeking that electrifying rush, offering a robust ride for both seasoned riders and those ready to elevate their skateboarding experience.

Design and Build Quality:

Crafted with a keen eye for detail, the Ecomobl M20's design exudes ruggedness while maintaining refined aesthetics. Its sturdy frame reassures you of durability, and during my week-long test, this board proved it can handle daily wear and tear. With airless honeycomb wheels and a geared drive system, standout design elements weren't just visual but functional too. Assembly was straightforward—set up in no time without any hitches.

Overall Performance:

Performance-wise, the M20 is a powerhouse. Whether it's dashing to work or cruising for leisure, this e-skateboard makes each journey exhilarating. Achieving top speeds of 44 km/h felt like soaring, and hill climbing was tackled with surprising ease—the specs don't lie about its impressive 28-38% hill climb capability. Braking was responsive and reliable even at high speeds, which instilled confidence throughout rides.

The Motors & Battery:

Twin 2000 W motors offer raw power that thrusts you forward with an aggressive yet smooth acceleration. Battery life consistently matched up to expectations; the 768 Wh pack provided ample juice for extended rides without performance drops in various scenarios—from quick sprints to long-distance treks.

The Wheels & Braking:

Those 150 × 50 mm airless wheels paired with the planetary gear drive not only contributed to the overall solid feel but also enhanced comfort over bumpy surfaces. As for braking, it was precise—a crucial factor considering the speed this board can achieve. I always felt in control when slowing down or coming to a full stop.

Overall Handling:

Handling this skateboard across different environments showcased its versatility—agile in street corners yet dominant on rough paths. Comfort during rides never waned thanks to its ergonomic design that made long sessions nothing short of delightful.

Maintenance and Repair:

Maintenance needs were minimal, which speaks volumes about its build quality. Dealing with the brand on queries revealed their customer-centric approach; they were accommodating and helpful. Parts availability wasn't an issue either—finding spares was less of a quest and more of a simple task.

Additional Features:

The quality remote control felt like an extension of my hand, intuitive and responsive. Electric gauges provided real-time feedback which kept me informed about the board's status at all times—no unpleasant surprises there. Safety features are integrated seamlessly, leaving riders free to focus on the joy of riding instead of worrying about potential mishaps.


Taking everything into account from performance to handling, I rate the Ecomobl M20 an impressive 8/10. Factors like design quality, motor power, battery life, and additional features played significant roles in this score.

Ecomobl M20 Specification

Ecomobl M20
19.5 kg
Max Load
150 kg
Top Speed
44 km/h
Motor Power
2 × 2000 W, 6366
Battery Size
Ecomobl 10C, 12s4p, 768 Wh
Drive Train
2WD, gears drive, 150 × 50 mm airless honeycomb wheels with planetary gear drive, 28-38 % hill climb

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