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Editor's Note

Riding the B-One Balrog Bamboo is like commanding lightning – fast and thrilling with enough finesse to make every outing memorable. It offers seasoned riders an opportunity to push boundaries while still valuing practicality through thoughtful design elements that merge into daily routines seamlessly.

B-One Balrog Bamboo

B-One Balrog Bamboo
  • Top Speed

    48 km/h

  • Motor Power

    2 × 1500 W, 6368, 170 kV

  • Battery Size

    DC18650, 10S5P, 14.5 Ah, 522 Wh

  • Max Load

    120 kg


  • Robust motor power provides exhilarating speed
  • High-quality bamboo deck balances flexibility and strength
  • Excellent range and battery life
  • Superior wheel comfort on diverse terrains
  • User-friendly remote control


  • Not ideal for novice riders due to powerful acceleration
  • Weight may be cumbersome for some users
  • Learning curve associated with sensitive handling

Product Overview

Electric skateboarding isn't just a hobby; it's a lifestyle, and the B-One Balrog Bamboo e-Skateboard caters to those who crave speed and performance under their feet. If you're the type of rider who loves the adrenaline rush of zipping through city streets or tackling steep inclines, this board demands your attention. However, if casual strolls and leisurely rides are more your pace, this powerhouse might be more than you bargained for.

Design and Build Quality:

The B-One Balrog Bamboo's design screams durability with a touch of natural flair. Crafted from bamboo, the deck isn't just gorgeous to look at; it flexes in all the right places, providing that springy response riders cherish. When I first received the skateboard, assembly was a breeze - everything was straightforward and I was ready to ride in no time.

Overall Performance:

Performance-wise, this board is an absolute beast. With a top speed that clocks in at 48 km/h, I found myself cruising past cyclists with ease. Acceleration is smooth yet powerful, thanks to its dual 1500 W motors - it's like having twin rockets at your command. Braking is equally impressive; responsive and reliable even when I'm pushing limits downhill. Covering distance on this board feels effortless with its generous 522 Wh battery ensuring I can keep riding without constant range anxiety.

The Motors & Battery:

Speaking of power, the Balrog Bamboo's motor setup makes hill climbs seem trivial - even gradients that would normally have me pushing don't stand a chance. Battery life stays true to expectations; during my rides across varied terrain, I found myself getting close to the advertised range before needing a recharge.

The Wheels & Braking:

Rolling on 120 mm cloudwheels, comfort isn't compromised for speed - these wheels can handle rough patches without jarring your bones. When it comes to stopping power, brakes are consistent and trustworthy. Whether dodging unexpected obstacles or coming to a gentle halt at traffic signals, never did I feel out of control.

Overall Handling:

Whether carving up backroads or navigating congested cityscapes, handling remains nimble and precise. There's a reassuring sturdiness that instills confidence as you ride; however, there is a learning curve for beginners given its reactive nature.

Maintenance and Repair:

In terms of upkeep, regular checks on the belt drive kept me rolling without hiccups. On one occasion where I needed assistance from customer service for a minor issue, their responsiveness impressed me - no lengthy delays or DIY fixes required here. Spare parts were readily available which is always appreciated.

Additional Features:

The quality of the remote control adds another layer of user-friendliness - maintaining grip and control even when my palms got sweaty during intense rides. Electric gauges provided clear readings so I could keep track of my speed and battery status without guesswork.


After thoroughly testing every aspect of the B-One Balrog Bamboo e-Skateboard, I give it an enthusiastic 8/10. The combination of high-speed thrills, sturdy build quality, and dependable performance make it hard to fault; though beginners may find it overwhelming initially.

B-One Balrog Bamboo Specification

B-One Balrog BambooB-One Balrog Bamboo
11 kg11 kg
Max Load
120 kg120 kg
Top Speed
48 km/h48 km/h
Motor Power
2 × 1500 W, 6368, 170 kV2 × 1500 W, 6368, 170 kV
Battery Size
DC18650, 10S5P, 14.5 Ah, 522 WhDC18650, 10S5P, 14.5 Ah, 522 Wh
Drive Train
2WD, belt drive, 150 mm pneumatic wheels, 30 % hill climb2WD, belt drive, 120 mm cloudwheels, 30 % hill climb

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