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Editor's Note

Ultimately, the Vestar V2 Pro Master proves itself as a competent urban companion for those seeking thrills and efficiency in their daily travels. Its blend of power, portability, and practicality makes it an appealing option for electric skateboard aficionados keen on blending fun with functionality.

Vestar V2 Pro Master

Vestar V2 Pro Master
  • Top Speed

    44 km/h

  • Motor Power

    2 × 800 W

  • Battery Size

    270 Wh


  • High top speed
  • Smooth acceleration
  • Comfortable handling


  • Limited hill climbing power
  • Frequent high-speed rides drain battery quickly

Product Overview

Cruising around on the Vestar V2 Pro Master is quite the experience, especially for someone who's big on eco-friendly commuting or just loves the thrill of gliding through cityscapes. This e-skateboard caters to enthusiasts looking for a solid blend of speed and range without breaking the bank.

Design and Build Quality:

Right out of the box, this board impresses with its sleek, black finish that speaks to both elegance and performance. The deck is sturdy, giving confidence during rides, while the grip tape holds up well even after daily use. Assembly was a breeze; within minutes, I had everything ready to go.

Overall Performance:

For those who prioritize speed, this board does not disappoint. Zipping through streets at 44 km/h felt exhilarating and almost car-like in velocity. Commuting became more than just getting from A to B; it became my daily adrenaline fix. It's not all about speed though—the acceleration curve is smooth, making it perfect for beginners to get a handle on riding quickly. However, climbing steep hills did test its limits slightly, so take note if your route includes significant inclines.

The Motors & Battery:

Dual 800 W motors pack enough punch to tackle most urban challenges head-on. Battery life generally met expectations—sufficient for several days of moderate commuting before needing a recharge. But pushing the board to its top speed frequently saw a noticeable dip in battery endurance.

The Wheels & Braking:

Wheels can make or break ride comfort; thankfully, these 90 mm wheels absorb most street vibrations effectively. As for stopping power, braking was responsive and predictable, essential for navigating unexpected urban obstacles safely.

Overall Handling:

Handling on the V2 Pro Master feels intuitive. Whether carving down quiet streets or dodging pedestrians on sidewalks, control remains firmly in hand—figuratively speaking. The ride is stable even at high speeds but remains agile enough for quick maneuvers.

Maintenance and Repair:

Routine maintenance was mostly straightforward—tightening screws and cleaning bearings were all manageable tasks without special tools or expertise. While I didn't encounter serious issues requiring assistance from Vestar's customer service during my test period, online communities suggest they're responsive and helpful when needed.

Additional Features:

This model's remote control deserves praise—it's ergonomic and reliable with an intuitive interface that displays essential information like battery life clearly. No fancy bells and whistles here; just a quality remote that does its job well.


Taking everything into account—from design to performance—I'd give this board a solid 8/10. It hit high marks in speed and handling while maintaining reasonable battery life.

Vestar V2 Pro Master Specification

Vestar V2 Pro Master
Top Speed
44 km/h
Motor Power
2 × 800 W
Battery Size
270 Wh
Drive Train
2WD, belt drive, 90 mm

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