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Editor's Note

For thrill-seekers or commuters who don't blink at higher velocities, the Epic Dominater 4000 Pro Plus delivers on promises of speed and power. It may be overkill for newbies or casual cruisers but serves as an electrifying ride for those who crave pavement-scorching action.

Epic Dominater 4000 Pro Plus

Epic Dominater 4000 Pro Plus
  • Top Speed

    48 km/h

  • Motor Power

    2 × 2000 W

  • Battery Size

    720 Wh


  • Intense top speed
  • Strong torque and hill-climbing ability
  • Solid range per charge
  • Quality remote control
  • Good customer support


  • Heavyweight may deter some users
  • Not ideal for rough surfaces
  • Might be overwhelming for new riders

Product Overview

Electric skateboarding has evolved, and the Epic Dominater 4000 Pro Plus is a testament to this evolution. Specifically aimed at adrenaline seekers and those with a penchant for high speeds, this board delivers excitement aplenty. Commuters with a taste for velocity will appreciate its quick pace, but given its weight and power, newer riders might find it more beast than beauty.

Design and Build Quality:

Grasping the board for the first time, I noted its hefty feel, signaling sturdy construction. With sleek carbon fiber accents and a low-profile silhouette, it's clear designers aimed for an aggressive look matching its performance. Assembly wasn't an issue—it was ready to roll straight out of the box.

Overall Performance:

Navigating through bustling city streets, the Dominater proved swift and assertive, easily slicing through air with finesse. Pushing 48 km/h felt exhilarating yet controlled. In hill-climbing scenarios, dual 2000W motors laughed in the face of steep inclines. Braking was responsive without being jarring, essential for maintaining confidence at high speeds. The range didn't disappoint either; I consistently hit close to the advertised distance per charge.

The Motors & Battery:

Those twin motors don't just talk a big game—they deliver raw power on demand. Pulling away from lights felt like launching off an aircraft carrier. Battery life stayed true to claims even when I couldn't resist pushing the board to its limits multiple times a day.

The Wheels & Braking:

Daily rides were mostly smooth sailing thanks to quality wheels absorbing typical road vibrations. However, rough patches did transmit some jitters up through the deck. Brakes engaged smoothly when needed—vital for those unexpected moments when a pedestrian dashes across your path.

Overall Handling:

Maneuverability was impressive given its size; weaving through obstacles became second nature after a few rides. Comfort was ample on smoother surfaces but prepare for a workout on uneven terrain.

Maintenance and Repair:

Routine upkeep was straightforward—mostly checking bolts and belt tension. When faced with a minor issue, customer service was helpful and sent replacement parts swiftly. While not every fix was plug-and-play, basic mechanical skills sufficed.

Additional Features:

Its quality remote control resonated with precision—a true extension of my own reflexes during rides. Safety features like reflective decals were thoughtful additions not always seen on other boards.



Factors influencing this score include robust build quality, thrilling speed capabilities, reliable battery life, and comprehensive customer service support.

Epic Dominater 4000 Pro Plus Specification

Epic Dominater 4000 Pro Plus
21.2 kg
Top Speed
48 km/h
Motor Power
2 × 2000 W
Battery Size
720 Wh
Drive Train
2WD, belt drive, 260 mm

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