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Editor's Note

Throughout my days zipping around town on this e-skateboard, its capability became evident—not just as a fun gadget but as a genuine commuting ally. The combination of power underfoot and practicality makes it an enticing option for riders looking for more than just casual recreation.

Vestar City SUV

Vestar City SUV
  • Top Speed

    40 km/h

  • Motor Power

    2 × 1000 W

  • Battery Size

    315 Wh, 378 Wh


  • Robust motor power
  • Reliable battery life
  • Sturdy design
  • Comfortable riding experience


  • Wheels could offer better grip in wet conditions
  • Requires finesse for tighter turn

Product Overview

Stepping onto the Vestar City SUV, I quickly realized it's crafted for urban adventurers and commuters seeking a blend of performance and practicality. With its robust dual 1000 W motors and sturdy design, this e-skateboard caters to riders eager for a swift, reliable mode of transportation that can handle the daily grind with a bit of thrill.

Design and Build Quality:

This board boasts an industrial charm that exudes durability. Gripping the deck, I could feel the rigidity underfoot, ensuring confidence during rides. Elegant yet functional, it features a concave shape that cradles feet securely. Assembly wasn't an issue; straight out of the box, it was ready to ride, saving me time and hassle.

Overall Performance:

My week with the Vestar City SUV was filled with exhilarating dashes to work and leisurely evening cruises. Hitting a top speed of 40 km/h felt breezy yet controlled. Acceleration was brisk, offering an invigorating kick when darting through traffic. Braking was equally impressive—responsive and smooth, instilling a sense of safety even when navigating steep declines. On flatter terrain, achieving the distance spec was spot-on.

The Motors & Battery:

Dual motors gave me the grunt needed for swift takeoffs and climbing hills without breaking a sweat. Battery performance matched my expectations; I consistently squeezed out significant range before needing a recharge. Even in varied scenarios—be it quick sprints or lengthy treks—the battery held up without faltering.

The Wheels & Braking:

Riding on 160 mm wheels made traversing rougher patches less jarring. Brakes reacted to my commands with precision, though on wet surfaces, I found myself wishing for a tad more grip—a reminder to approach slick conditions with caution.

Overall Handling:

Maneuvering through crowded sidewalks and twisting paths highlighted the board's nimble nature. It took curves gracefully but required some finesse on tighter turns. Riding comfort didn't wane even after prolonged use, largely thanks to the deck's ergonomic design.

Maintenance and Repair:

Maintaining this e-skateboard was straightforward—I tightened a few bolts here and there but encountered no major hurdles. When I reached out to Vestar about replacing worn belts, their customer service was helpful and prompt in assisting me.

Additional Features:

Convenience shone through in features like the quality remote control, which allowed me to adjust settings on-the-fly without breaking stride. Electric gauges kept me informed of battery life—a small touch that integrated seamlessly into my daily journeys.


My rating reflects my overall satisfaction with the Vestar City SUV: 8/10. Key factors included robust motor performance, reliable battery life, solid build quality, and thoughtful design features—all contributing to a dependable riding experience.

Vestar City SUV Specification

Vestar City SUV (Standard 7.5 Ah)Vestar City SUV (Master 9.0 Ah)
11 kg11 kg
Top Speed
40 km/h40 km/h
Motor Power
2 × 1000 W2 × 1000 W
Battery Size
315 Wh378 Wh
Drive Train
2WD, belt drive, 160 mm2WD, belt drive, 160 mm

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