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Editor's Note

This e-scooter stands out as an excellent choice for urbanites seeking dependable performance without unnecessary frills. It balances key features such as range and build quality well against cost considerations—a commendable feat in today's crowded market of electric scooters.

NIU KQI3 Sport

NIU KQI3 Sport
  • Range

    25 Miles

  • Top Speed

    17 MPH

  • Motor Power


  • Battery Size



  • Durable build quality
  • Good range
  • User-friendly foldable design


  • Ride can feel rough on uneven surfaces
  • Mechanical brakes require firm pressure
  • Lacks some high-end features

Product Overview

Riders who are on the lookout for a reliable urban commuting partner might find their match in the NIU KQI3 Sport. Designed with city dwellers in mind, this e-scooter strikes a balance between power and portability, making it ideal for those short to medium-length trips around town.

Design and Build Quality:

Clad in a robust frame with an elegant matte finish, the NIU KQI3 Sport impresses with its sturdy construction. Every part, from the handlebars to the deck, screams quality. During my rides, I appreciated the attention to detail in the foldable design—collapsing it for storage was a breeze. Plus, getting this e-scooter ready to hit the streets took no time at all straight out of the box.

Overall Performance:

Zipping through city streets is where this scooter shines. A 17 MPH top speed isn't going to set any records but provided ample zip for weaving through traffic and getting to destinations promptly. Hill climbs were tackled with determination—albeit at a slightly reduced pace—and acceleration felt smooth without being jarring. Braking was reliable too; mechanical brakes brought me to a stop confidently without any hair-raising moments. For those looking for an eco-friendly alternative to their daily commute or simply for a leisurely cruise, the range of 25 miles per charge meets most needs.

The Motors & Battery:

Powered by a 600w motor, this e-scooter dealt admirably with most challenges thrown its way. While it wasn't breaking any land-speed records, I found it provided enough oomph for everyday use—whether that be darting off when traffic lights turn green or maintaining speed up gentle inclines. Battery performance matched expectations; I consistently hit close to the advertised 25-mile range, even when occasionally pushing speeds.

The Wheels & Braking:

Rolling on solid tires afforded peace of mind—no worries about punctures here—although they did trade off some shock absorption over rougher surfaces. The mechanical brakes ensured safe stopping but required a firmer squeeze than their hydraulic counterparts, something riders should be aware of during their initial outings.

Overall Handling:

In terms of handling, this scooter is nimble enough for dodging around obstacles and making tight turns. Riders will find the deck spacious enough to stand comfortably, even on longer journeys, which adds to overall ride comfort.

Maintenance and Repair:

Maintenance was minimal throughout my time using this e-scooter; a simple check before each ride sufficed. Dealing with the brand directly wasn't necessary as no issues cropped up. However, some research indicated that parts are accessible should you need them.

Additional Features:

Extras like under-deck lighting added both flair and visibility for night riding—a welcome addition for safety-conscious users. Although lacking some higher-end features like advanced suspension systems or smart connectivity options found on pricier models, these were not sorely missed given its positioning as a straightforward commuter vehicle.


After careful consideration and extensive use over various terrains and conditions, I rate the NIU KQI3 Sport a solid 7/10. Points were earned for reliable performance, build quality, and ease of use; however, it lost marks due to less-than-plush ride comfort over uneven roads and somewhat basic braking systems.

NIU KQI3 Sport Specification

Niu KQI3 Sport
40 lbs
Max Load
265 lbs
25 Miles
Top Speed
17 MPH
Motor Power
Battery Size
Recharge Time
5 Hours

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