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Editor's Note

Riding this board is akin to piloting a hawk - majestic in flight but demanding respect for its prowess. While it's not without its quirks – such as stability concerns at high speeds and its heftiness – these are mere caveats in an otherwise sterling package that promises exhilaration on four wheels.

Meepo Hurricane

Meepo Hurricane
  • Top Speed

    57 km/h

  • Motor Power

    2 × 3500 W, 165 Kv

  • Battery Size

    Molicel P42A, 21700, 12s4p, 725 Wh

  • Max Load

    250 kg


  • Blistering top speed
  • Strong motor performance
  • Satisfactory battery life
  • Solid construction


  • Stability issues at higher speeds
  • Not ideal for off-road adventures
  • Heavy to carry when not riding

Product Overview

Electric skateboarding has evolved into an electrifying blend of speed, convenience, and thrill; the Meepo Hurricane stands as a testament to this revolution. Targeted at seasoned riders craving high-powered performance, this beast isn't a beginner's plaything. With its imposing dual motors and substantial battery pack, it's like wielding the hammer of Thor - not for the faint-hearted but a dream for adrenaline seekers.

Design and Build Quality:

Unboxing the Meepo Hurricane, I was immediately struck by its robust aura. The board doesn’t only scream durability but assures you that it's built to last. Crafted from quality materials, it has a weighty presence underfoot, resonating with assurance rather than bulkiness. Every component, from grip tape to deck, feels premium. Assembly wasn't much of a fuss; within moments I was ready to conquer asphalt waves.

Overall Performance:

Performance-wise, calling it impressive would be an understatement. Whether cruising through city streets or seeking adventure on inclines, the Hurricane responds with raw power and finesse. Its top speed is a heart-racing 57 km/h that makes you feel as if you’re slicing through the wind itself. Braking is responsive; you can come to a halt with confidence even when testing its acceleration limits. Distance-wise, I hit around 20-25 miles per charge, aligning with my high-speed escapades.

The Motors & Battery:

Dual 3500 W motors are nothing short of titanic in their power output. Uphill battles felt like level ground sprints – this board doesn’t know the meaning of struggle. Even at reduced battery levels, performance didn't wane noticeably; the Molicel P42A battery stayed true to form until the last bar dwindled.

The Wheels & Braking:

Wheels are usually where dreams meet reality’s rough roads; however, Hurricane's wheels make short work of urban terrains. That said, off-road ambitions should be tempered – it prefers civilization’s paved playgrounds. Stock bushings did invite stability concerns at higher velocities which called for an aftermarket fix for safer carving past 15 mph.

Overall Handling:

Handling this electric skateboard felt like directing a well-tuned symphony – most times harmonious but occasionally off-key at high notes (speeds). It performed brilliantly on smooth surfaces and managed well enough on less forgiving grounds. But take note: agility comes with mastery over this board's might.

Maintenance and Repair:

Self-maintenance was manageable thanks to accessible parts and intuitive design. In terms of support, Meepo proved reliable although I mostly dealt with maintenance myself. Spare parts weren’t elusive either, making upkeep less of a chore and more a part of the ride experience.

Additional Features:

Functionality met convenience in features like the quality remote control which became second nature in no time. Safety wasn't left behind either – gauges kept me informed while onboard electronics ensured rides were smooth sailing rather than guessing games.


After rigorous testing and considering every surge of joy against moments needing improvement (like stability tweaks), I rate the Meepo Hurricane an admirable 8/10.

Meepo Hurricane Specification

Meepo Hurricane
15.6 kg
Max Load
250 kg
Top Speed
57 km/h
Motor Power
2 × 3500 W, 165 Kv
Battery Size
Molicel P42A, 21700, 12s4p, 725 Wh
Drive Train
2WD, belt drive, 155 mm, 46 % hill climb

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