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Editor's Note

With mixed emotions wrapped around my experiences with Maxfind Max4 Pro – from glee at its swift sprints to frustration over reduced ranges – this e-skateboard presents itself as a contender worth considering for those prioritizing speed over distance. Its robust build promises longevity; yet one must be prepared for hands-on tweaking now and then.

Maxfind Max4 Pro

Maxfind Max4 Pro
  • Top Speed

    40 km/h

  • Motor Power

    2 × 750 W

  • Battery Size

    158 Wh


  • High top speed
  • Robust design
  • Smooth ride on various terrains


  • Reduced battery range at high speeds
  • Challenging part installations
  • Limited availability of spare parts

Product Overview

Electric skateboards have really taken the urban transportation scene by storm, and the Maxfind Max4 Pro is a shining example of this electric revolution. Ideal for adrenaline junkies and commute enthusiasts alike, this e-skateboard hits the sweet spot with its impressive top speed and sturdy build. However, those looking for a lightweight board that offers a significant range on a single charge might have to weigh their options.

Design and Build Quality:

Maxfind Max4 Pro's streamlined design exudes both functionality and style. Out of the box, its robust construction was immediately noticeable – credits to quality materials used. What stood out were the sleek 105 mm wheels, which added a touch of aggressiveness to its overall look. Assembling it was straightforward; although I must admit, fitting some parts felt like solving a puzzle. Once assembled, though, this e-skateboard felt like a solid piece of kit ready to hit the pavement.

Overall Performance:

This board is truly exhilarating when zipping through city streets or even taking on steep hills – credit to the dual 750 W motors. Acceleration feels brisk, and hitting that 40 km/h top speed comes in no time, injecting excitement into every ride. Braking is responsive as well, instilling confidence during sudden stops. Riding for fun or commuting becomes joyous, albeit with one caveat – pushing speeds tends to noticeably diminish battery life.

The Motors & Battery:

Speaking from experience, the motors deliver power just when you need it most. That said, they're quite the energy guzzlers at higher speeds. In moderate cruising, battery performance aligns with the specs; however, pushing beyond 13 mph leads to a drastic range reduction – almost by half. This might disappoint speed demons who also expect long distances from their rides.

The Wheels & Braking:

Now let's talk wheels – they are indeed the unsung heroes of this board. They cushioned rides over less-than-perfect roads and even made occasional off-road escapades possible. Yet, they carry an odd scent that's hard to miss during initial use. As for braking, it's reliable but takes getting used to; feathering the brake at high speeds requires finesse to avoid abrupt stops.

Overall Handling:

Navigating through different terrains revealed the board's true colors in terms of handling. On smooth surfaces, it glided like a dream; but when tackling uneven terrain or sharp turns, more effort was required to maintain stability and control. Despite this slight hiccup in agility, comfort while riding never took a backseat.

Maintenance and Repair:

Maintenance-wise, I didn't face any major issues throughout my week-long test period; however, installing certain parts was trickier than anticipated – involving more elbow grease than expected. Dealing with customer service wasn't necessary during my short stint with the Max4 Pro; nevertheless, finding spare parts seemed daunting due to their limited availability.

Additional Features:

I particularly appreciated some nuanced features such as the intuitive remote control which became second nature very quickly. While there weren't any groundbreaking safety features present, basics like good visibility during night rides were covered well enough.


Weighing all factors from performance to maintenance concerns, I'd give Maxfind Max4 Pro an earnest 7/10. The thrilling speed capabilities and design flair are slightly overshadowed by battery life limitations and part installation difficulties.

Maxfind Max4 Pro Specification

Maxfind Max4 Pro (long range)Maxfind Max4 Pro (standard range)Maxfind Max4 Pro (extra long range)
7.5 kg7.5 kg7.5 kg
Top Speed
40 km/h40 km/h40 km/h
Motor Power
2 × 750 W2 × 750 W2 × 750 W
Battery Size
158 Wh158 Wh158 Wh
Drive Train
2WD, hub drive, 105 mm2WD, hub drive, 105 mm2WD, hub drive, 105 mm

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The lowest price is $569 for the Maxfind Max4 Pro, available from multiple sites. The 2 purchase links we have analyzed have revealed an average price of $584.

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