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Maxfind Max One caters brilliantly to those seeking portability without sacrificing fun or functionality in their ride. Its straightforward use makes it an ideal entry-level option or convenient secondary mode of transport for quick trips.

Maxfind Max One

Maxfind Max One
  • Top Speed

    26 km/h

  • Motor Power

    1 × 350 W

  • Battery Size

    99 Wh


  • Super portable and lightweight
  • Good balance between speed and control
  • Strong build quality
  • No assembly required


  • Not ideal for rough terrain
  • Could use more hill-climbing power
  • Beginners might find speed challenging initially

Product Overview

Maxfind Max One hits the sweet spot for urban adventurers seeking a thrill. Its compact design, coupled with its zip and agility, targets young, energetic riders who crave a mix of convenience and excitement in their daily commutes or casual jaunts around town. While seasoned skateboarders might crave more power, beginners or those looking for a nifty gadget to spice up short trips will appreciate what this board has to offer.

Design and Build Quality:

Upon unboxing the Max One, I was immediately struck by its compact form factor. A skateboard that tips the scales at just 4.6 kg and is small enough to slide into my backpack? Yes, please! Decked out in durable materials, it feels sturdy underfoot, ready to take on the rigors of daily use. As for assembly – there wasn't any. Straight out of the box, this board was ready to roll, save for a quick charge.

Overall Performance:

Pushing off for the first time, I found the acceleration smooth. That single 350 W motor may not sound like much on paper, but it propels you forward with surprising gusto. Top speed clocks in at a breezy 26 km/h which felt faster without handlebars — liberating yet entirely controlled. Hill climbs? It can tackle gentle slopes but don't expect it to scale mountains. Braking was responsive too; important when weaving through city streets.

The Motors & Battery:

That hub motor delivers consistent performance without drawing undue attention—whispers rather than roars from this powertrain are appreciated in crowded places. The 99 Wh battery stayed true to its promise most days, offering enough juice for about 11 miles of exploration before needing a recharge.

The Wheels & Braking:

Rolling through different terrains, the 75 mm wheels handled most urban surfaces with ease. However, rougher patches did transmit some jitters through my legs — not quite bone-jarring but something to be mindful of on less-than-smooth paths. The braking system's reliability never wavered, instilling confidence during sudden stops.

Overall Handling:

Carving down streets and pivoting around corners became second nature after just a few rides. The light frame made handling a breeze while ensuring comfort during longer rides remained high — no aching feet here!

Maintenance and Repair:

During my week of testing, maintenance was minimal—a good wipe-down kept things neat. When it came to customer service inquiries about potential future repairs, responses were timely and helpful—indicative of solid support should issues arise.

Additional Features:

While streamlined in design, some thoughtful features stood out: an intuitive remote control made adjusting speeds effortless while electric gauges provided clear readings on-the-go.


After thorough testing and consideration, I'd give Maxfind Max One a solid 7/10 rating. It's well-rounded in most aspects but left me wanting just a bit more ruggedness in terms of wheel performance on varied terrain.

Maxfind Max One Specification

Maxfind Max One
4.6 kg
Top Speed
26 km/h
Motor Power
1 × 350 W
Battery Size
99 Wh
Drive Train
1WD, hub drive, 75 mm

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