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Editor's Note

Riding Ecomobl ET2 is akin to commanding a small tank—robust and unstoppable with technology at your fingertips. It's an incredible machine built for performance seekers but could use some refinement in terms of part availability for maintenance.

Ecomobl ET2

Ecomobl ET2
  • Top Speed

    55 km/h

  • Motor Power

    2 × 2600 W, 6374, 170 kV

  • Battery Size

    Ecomobl 12s4p, 768 Wh

  • Max Load

    150 kg


  • Robust build quality
  • Impressive top speed and acceleration
  • Effective hill climbing capability
  • Easy assembly


  • Premium price point
  • Heavier side of e-skateboards
  • Range can diminish at high speeds
  • Parts may be difficult to source

Product Overview

Ecomobl ET2 is an adrenaline-pumping ride for enthusiasts who crave speed and power. With its beastly dual 2600 W motors and impressive hill-climbing ability, this e-skateboard caters to riders looking for high performance and advanced features. However, its premium cost might not be everyone's cup of tea, especially for those just dipping their toes into the e-skateboard universe.

Design and Build Quality:

A testament to rugged durability, Ecomobl ET2's robust frame and high-quality materials held up brilliantly under daily stress tests. Assembly was a breeze, allowing more time on the road and less tinkering. Design-wise, standout features included the gear drive system and large wheels that gave it a formidable appearance. Its weight was noticeable but manageable, reflecting its solid construction.

Overall Performance:

Out on the streets, Ecomobl ET2's performance did not disappoint. It ate up asphalt with relish whether I was commuting or joyriding. Unleashing the full 55 km/h top speed felt like breaking free from gravity's grasp – though that kind of thrill demands respect and caution! Hills became mere inclines as it tackled them with ease. Acceleration was snappy; brakes were responsive and instilled confidence at high speeds, although they took some getting used to for precise modulation.

The Motors & Battery:

Those dual motors didn't shy away from a challenge; their combined 5200 W of power made every ride exhilarating. I pushed them hard across various terrains, noting that battery life stayed true to expectations most of the time. However, maxing out speed did see a dip in range, closer to 15-18 km rather than exceeding it significantly.

The Wheels & Braking:

With 200×55 mm wheels, riding over rough patches felt less jarring compared to smaller-wheeled counterparts. The planetary gear drive contributed to a smoother experience overall. Braking was generally secure, though finesse was needed to avoid abrupt stops when navigating crowded areas.

Overall Handling:

Riding the Ecomobl ET2 across different environments—from smooth bike paths to uneven roads—demonstrated its adaptability. Its heft wasn't as noticeable once in motion, but during sharp turns or quick maneuvers, I had to put in extra effort to maintain control due to its mass.

Maintenance and Repair:

During my week of testing, maintenance remained minimal—thankfully so. While no significant issues arose requiring assistance from Ecomobl’s customer service team or repairs, understanding that parts like the black ring around the wheel might be challenging to find online could be concerning for long-term ownership.

Additional Features:

Integrated features like quality remote control and electric gauges made tracking my rides seamless while enhancing safety measures on board. Customizing gear settings through an app added a personalized touch to my riding style.



Ecomobl ET2 Specification

Ecomobl ET2
17 kg
Max Load
150 kg
Top Speed
55 km/h
Motor Power
2 × 2600 W, 6374, 170 kV
Battery Size
Ecomobl 12s4p, 768 Wh
Drive Train
2WD, gears drive, 200 × 55 mm wheels with planetary gear drive, 30-40 % hill climb

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The lowest price is $1299 for the Ecomobl ET2, available from multiple sites. The 2 purchase links we have analyzed have revealed an average price of $1,449.

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