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Boosted Mini S

Boosted Mini S
  • Range

    7 miles (11 km)

  • Top Speed

    18 mph (29 km/h)

  • Battery Size

    99 Wh

  • Max Load

    250 lbs (113 kg)

The Boosted Mini S is one of the most advanced electric skateboard weighing just 15 pounds. It has a range of 7 miles (11 km) and can go up to 18 mph (29 km/h). The Boosted Mini S includes a battery that recharges in 1.25 hours and holds 99 Wh of power. With a max load of 250 lbs (113 kg), it's the perfect way to get around town. This board can take you up 20% gradient hills with its belt drive system.
Boosted Mini S
15 lbs (6.8 kg)
7 miles (11 km)
Top Speed
18 mph (29 km/h)
Battery Size
99 Wh
Drive Train
2 x Belt
Air Travel Friendly
Recharge Time
1.25 hours
Hill Climbability
20 %
Max Load
250 lbs (113 kg)
Reviews of the Boosted Mini S
Rated 3.7 / 5 from 6 Reviews
The Boosted Mini Is a Hell of a Ride, Except for One Thing
I also slightly worry about folks who pick up a Mini as their very first board. So much of my sense of balance comes from learning to shift my weight on boards I had to push by foot, and while the largest Boosted Boards are so stable as to render this moot, the Mini threw me a few iffy moments where I was glad I'd already cut my teeth on other boar...
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Boosted Mini Review
All-in-all, the Boosted Mini S and Mini X are amazing electric skateboards. You can now own a Boosted Board without having to break the bank. And without having to lug around a gigantic board everywhere. The Mini’s are just as they are named – Mini. They are the perfect companion for any city dweller, or for anyone wanting to add a little more styl...
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If you are shopping on a budget, the Mini S is the best board you can get
  • - 2.9
This board is decently fast, does a stellar job at climbing hills, and has great braking power. While it doesn't have the longest range out there, it is small enough to be extremely convenient to carry and take with you on a bus or train. On top of all that, it costs hundreds of dollars less than our award winners and holds its own against them....
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$749 Boosted Mini S electric skateboard nails it
Boosted has managed to fit an awful lot into a $749 package that has inherited most of its predecessors’ better qualities without gaining any fatal flaws. It’s a different beast and there are still plenty of people who should still be opting for a longboard, but the Mini S offers a degree of freedom and tightness that you won’t get from many of the...
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It won’t replace your car, but Boosted’s entry-level board might be what you’ve been waiting for.
  • - 4
This entry-level electric skateboard is shorter, smaller, and more nimble than the original longboard. It also has new features, like a wide curved deck, custom-designed 80-mm wheels, and precision-machined aluminum trucks for greater comfort. At $749, It’s still not cheap. But it’s a more accessible price point than the $1000 second-gen Boosted. I...
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Best High End Shortboard?
  • - 4.3
Overall, the Boosted Board Mini S is a “FUN” board. It is responsive and durable that could last years, depending on how you use it. Scoring a 4.3 over 5 on our charts, this one is truly worth the attention and hype. The Boosted Mini S is an excellent electric board that is built with style and function in mind....
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