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Editor's Note

In summing up my time with the Zero 10 e-Scooter: versatility meets excitement in this well-crafted machine. With its strong build quality and impressive performance metrics, this scooter stands out as a top contender for anyone serious about elevating their urban mobility game.

Zero 10

Zero 10
  • Range

    53 km

  • Top Speed

    53 kph

  • Motor Power


  • Battery Size

    936 Wh


  • Strong build quality
  • High top speed and acceleration
  • Excellent handling
  • Effective braking system
  • Long battery life


  • No water resistance
  • Heavyweight may not suit everyone
  • Simplistic feature set might not satisfy tech enthusiasts

Product Overview

Electric scooters are becoming increasingly popular for those looking to add a bit of zing to their daily commute, and the Zero 10 hits the mark for riders seeking both thrill and practicality. As someone who thrives on the rush of zipping through city streets, I was eager to test the Zero 10 e-Scooter's mettle.

Design and Build Quality:

Crafted with a robust frame and dual spring suspension, this scooter is built like a tank, ready to tackle urban terrains. During my rides, I appreciated the sturdy feel underfoot, which instilled confidence at higher speeds. The choice of materials speaks volumes about its durability, especially when navigating potholes and rough patches. Assembling it was a breeze – no need for an engineering degree here – I had it up and running in no time.

Overall Performance:

When it comes to performance, the Zero 10 really shines. Its acceleration is snappy, making short work of steep inclines with ease. With a top speed of 53 kph, I found myself exhilarated by its pace, though always mindful to ride responsibly. Braking is equally impressive; responsive without being jarring, bringing me to a safe stop even from high velocities. On flat ground, I comfortably reached distances close to the advertised 53 km range.

The Motors & Battery:

With 1000w of power under the hood, this e-Scooter's motor didn't flinch at hills with gradients between 20-25%. Battery performance was solid across multiple journeys. It seemed to stay true to the six-hour recharge time and provided ample juice for my needs.

The Wheels & Braking:

Pneumatic tires paired with disc brakes contributed greatly to my daily excursions. They absorbed most vibrations from uneven surfaces and offered a grip that put me at ease during quick maneuvers. Even when braking forcefully in unexpected situations, control remained in my hands – or rather, at my fingertips.

Overall Handling:

Handling is where the Zero 10 truly became an extension of myself. Navigating crowded sidewalks or tight corners felt intuitive and fluid. Its weight never hindered performance; instead, it added stability that made riding for leisure or commuting equally enjoyable.

Maintenance and Repair:

Routine maintenance was minimal – just keeping an eye on tire pressure and brake pads. Fortunately, no major issues cropped up during my week-long trial. From what I gathered online about other riders' experiences, parts seem readily available should you need them.

Additional Features:

Equipped with front and rear lights for those dusky evening rides home or early morning starts added a layer of safety I valued greatly. While there's no fancy tech like remote controls or electric gauges, everything felt purpose-built and tailored to enhance riding experience without unnecessary bells and whistles.


Taking everything into account – from its robust build to stellar performance – I rate the Zero 10 a solid 8/10. The absence of water resistance did weigh into my decision but did not overshadow all the positive attributes this scooter offers.

Zero 10 Specification

Zero 10
23 kg
Max Load
119 kg
Dual Spring
53 km
Top Speed
53 kph
Motor Power
Battery Size
936 Wh
Recharge Time
6 hours
Hill Climbability
20 - 25 %
Water Resistant
Regenerative Braking

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