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After a week with Boosted Mini X, what stands out most is its striking balance between portability and robust performance; it's a dependable partner for both commuting and leisure rides – though it does come with some trade-offs regarding weight and air travel suitability.

Boosted Mini X

Boosted Mini X
  • Range

    22 km

  • Top Speed

    32 kph

  • Battery Size

    199 Wh

  • Max Load

    250 lbs (113 kg)


  • Robust build quality
  • Powerful acceleration and hill climbing
  • Quick recharge time


  • Not suitable for air travel
  • Weight may be an issue for some
  • Parts availability can be challenging

Product Overview

Boosted Mini X is a compact powerhouse tailored for the urban commuter and the thrill-seeker alike. Riders craving a portable, yet robust ride to navigate city streets or indulge in some fun will gravitate towards this e-skateboard. For those prioritizing airline travel compatibility or an extremely lightweight board, this might not be their first choice.

Design and Build Quality:

Upon unboxing the Boosted Mini X, its solid design captivated me immediately. The deck's deep dish shape gives riders exceptional control, while the composite deck material balances flexibility with sturdiness. During my commutes, the grip tape provided ample traction even when maneuvering tight corners. Assembly was practically nonexistent – it was ready to go right out of the box.

Overall Performance:

Navigating through rush hour or zipping down open roads, the Mini X didn't disappoint with its performance. Achieving speeds of 32 kph felt exhilarating, yet I always felt in control thanks to responsive acceleration and reliable brakes. Hill climbs were tackled with ease - that 20% gradient capability isn't just a number on paper. However, when pushing the limits on steep slopes or long distances, battery levels did influence performance somewhat.

The Motors & Battery:

Dual belt motors deliver the punch needed for rapid take-offs and climbing capabilities. Even when battery life waned after extensive use, power only seemed to dip when facing very steep inclines at lower charge levels. Recharging took less than two hours for a full cycle, aligning closely with advertised specs.

The Wheels & Braking:

Riding over pebbles and cracks rarely disrupted my flow thanks to these sturdy wheels that grip well even as they wear down. Braking was smooth and predictable – essential for safety in unpredictable urban environments.

Overall Handling:

Handling the Boosted Mini X felt intuitive across various terrains. Whether cruising on flat pavements or weaving through crowded sidewalks, control remained consistent. Its weight never felt cumbersome; rather, it underscored the board's stability during rides.

Maintenance and Repair:

Maintenance was straightforward; replacing parts like wheels and belts could be done at home with minimal fuss. Customer support proved helpful on occasions requiring more technical assistance, although sourcing certain parts required some patience due to availability.

Additional Features:

The remote control emerged as an indispensable tool for seamless riding - easy to understand and responsive. Integrated electric gauges kept me informed of battery life without guesswork. These small conveniences made daily rides that much smoother.


Considering everything from build quality to ride experience, I confidently rate the Boosted Mini X an 8/10.

Boosted Mini X Specification

Boosted Mini X
16.8 lbs (7.6 kg)
Max Load
250 lbs (113 kg)
22 km
Top Speed
32 kph
Battery Size
199 Wh
Drive Train
2 x Belt
Air Travel Friendly
Recharge Time
1.75 hours
Hill Climbability
20 %

Reviews of the Boosted Mini X


Based on 5 reviews

Boosted Mini X Electric Skateboard Review
  • - 4.3
There’s not much fault to find on the Boosted board. A minor issue with the motors made the first Boosted Mini X a bit noisy after a few hundred miles. Boosted stepped up and replaced all the affected engines for free. Rest assured that the new boards have updated motors. The quality of the components of this board is outstanding. The trucks were manufactured specifically for this drive train. The wheels are completely redesigned, and the deck is state-of-the-art. Wired called it the “electric skateboard of the future”. It’s one of the best boards on the market. If you don’t believe us, take the word of the thousands of satisfied riders that use this board.
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Boosted Mini X Review
  • - 4.1
The Boosted Mini X with its 1,000 watt power, good braking, and compact design, is one of the best electric skateboards around. It has three riding modes, including a beginner mode with smooth acceleration and braking. The board has a top speed of 32 kmph and a range of up to 23 kms. It is a bit on the heavier side despite its size, and is also more expensive than other similar electric skateboards.
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Boosted Mini X Electric Skateboard Review 2021: Best High End Board?
  • - 4.7
Design, power, and range, these are the three aspects where the Boosted Mini X exceeded all our expectations. Not to mention its durability, the Boosted Mini X is surely worth its price tag. Scoring a 4.7 out 5 on our score chart, The Boosted Mini X is a board that you can truly rely on for your short commuting needs.
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This pint-sized board packs a ton of punch and is a great value if you want a top-notch board
  • - 3.2
The Mini X is a fantastic value pick for anyone who wants the performance of a top-tier board without making many concessions. It holds its own with other products that are significantly more expensive, but that being said, it isn't the best option if you are shopping on the tightest of tight budgets.
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A Powerful and Compact Travel Companion
  • - 4.1
Almost every company wants to get in on the electric skateboarding game. While most companies try to lure their customers with promises of compact and lighter skateboards at affordable prices, Boosted still remains the gold standard. The Mini X offers great speed without sacrificing stability, can climb steep hills, has a concave composite deck that keeps you locked in and the three ride modes make the board great for all types of riders. It’s a great entry level (still not the cheapest) electric skateboard. If you’re not a thrill seeking rider and don’t need to cover long distances every day, you could check out the Boosted Mini S, to get the same excellent quality at a more affordable price.
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