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Boosted Rev

  • Range

    35 km

  • Top Speed

    38 kph

  • Motor Power


  • Battery Size

    370 Wh

The Boosted Rev is the perfect way to get around quickly and easily, whether you're in a city or just on campus. It's got a range of 35 km with a top speed of 38 kph. It has a 1500w motor, 370 Wh battery, and weighs only 20 kg. This e-scooter has no suspension but does have disc brakes for safety. The Boosted Rev is also water-resistant up to IP67 standards, can carry up to 112 kg, and features both front and rear lights for visibility. It also has pneumatic tires for an extra smooth ride.
Boosted Rev
20 kg
35 km
Top Speed
38 kph
Motor Power
Battery Size
370 Wh
Water Resistant
Max Load
112 kg
Reviews of the Boosted Rev
Rated 4.4 / 5 from 6 Reviews
The Electric Scooter That Killed Boosted
We love the Rev, but honestly weren’t expecting to. Like many others, we thought it seemed like an overpriced hype machine. However, after our rigorous testing, we can say the Rev is legit. Yet, if you’ve ridden (or like use extensively tested and reviewed) numerous scooters above the ₱96,000 price point, it’s easy to see that in terms of quality, ...
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Is this premium electric scooter worth its premium price?
This is really a tough one. I’ve been grinning ear to ear while riding around on the Boosted Rev all week. It’s simply a pleasure to ride and it makes a terrific commuter vehicle. But for anyone that doesn’t immediately recoil when you hear the price, then you’ll likely be very happy with the Rev. And considering Boosted offers a 30-day guarantee t...
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Boosted's first e-scooter is a beast in every possible way.
  • - 4.25
The Rev is meant to be an alternative mode of transportation. I can see how it maybe makes less financial sense if, say, your commute to work involves taking a train and then e-scootering the last leg from the station. The Rev's not for everyone, especially the budget strapped, but if you want the best and safest e-scooter, you gotta make the inves...
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Built to be a reasonable replacement for a car, the Rev is more vehicle than plaything
  • - 4.5
The Boosted Rev is the perfect name for this high-performance scooter. Everything about this machine is cranked up to ten. From the twin electric motors to the triplicate brake system, this whip's power and safety features have been augmented to produce a more reliable commuter scooter. However, some of these advancements have brought new problems....
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Boosted Rev Review 2021
  • - 4.7
As expected, the build quality of this high-performance electric scooter is of the highest standards. The alloys used in construction are the same used in automotive manufacturing. As one of the more expensive scooters on the market, it’s safe to say that quality control standards are taken extremely seriously. As previously mentioned, Boosted take...
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The electric mobility company proves that scooters aren’t just for kids and inebriated tourists.
  • - 4
If anyone can make an electric scooter look alluring, it’s Boosted. The company best known for making an orange-wheeled electric skateboard a must-have commuter vehicle has now turned its attention to the electric push scooter. I’ve been riding the Rev around for a week now, and it’s a blast. If you want an electric scooter, you should probably get...
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