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Inokim OX

Inokim OX
  • Range

    60 km, 100 km

  • Top Speed

    45 kph, 50 kph

  • Motor Power


  • Battery Size

    780 Wh, 1260 Wh

Inokim OX is an electric scooter with a range of 35 km and 45 kph top speed. With 800w motor power, Inokim OX is easy to maneuver and can carry up to 118 kg and weight of 25 kg. With a battery size of 624 Wh and dual rubber suspension, this e-scooter is perfect for city commutes. It also has disc brakes and pneumatic tires for safe and comfortable rides, and it has lights both in front and back for safety.
Inokim OXInokim OX (Super)
Max Load
120 kg159 kg
Hill Climbability
36 %
Water Resistant
Recharge Time
7 hours7 hours
Front Drum, Rear DiscFront Drum, Rear Disc
Dual RubberDual Rubber
60 km100 km
Motor Power
Drive Train
1 x Hub1 x Hub
Top Speed
45 kph50 kph
Battery Size
780 Wh1260 Wh
25 kg25 kg
Reviews of the Inokim OX
Rated 4.2 / 5 from 6 Reviews
INOKIM Ox Hero Review
  • - 3.75
The INOKIM Ox is an all-rounder that'll suit anyone unbothered by speed or acceleration. It’s a good choice for those shopping for their first or second scooter; who want a step up from a budget model but don’t want to drop $2,000+ on a top-performing model like the INOKIM OxO or the Mantis Pro. You can’t fault its overall build and ride quality. It is one of the best built and comfy rides I’ve reviewed. Sadly, though, that's all the INOKIM Ox really has going for it, and this shows when you look at its performance figures. I’m reluctant to recommend it to anyone who has a passion for speed, simply because its small 800W motor pales in comparison to similarly-priced models that sport far more powerful dual motors.
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INOKIM Ox Electric Scooter Review
  • - 3.75
The INOKIM Ox is a fantastic choice for someone who wants a really long range, fast speeds, and the option to use the scooter in urban and off-road environments. Both the Hero and Super have a powerful 800-watt motor. If you want the longer range, choose the Super. Bear in mind that it is more expensive than the Hero by a couple of hundred dollars. If you’re willing to pay more for the bigger battery because you have a long commute, it’s worth it.
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  • - 4.7
The Inokim OX is a great all-around scooter. Whether you want a scooter for the daily commute or you’re looking for something you can drive around and have fun with, the OX is a great choice for a great price. As always, don’t expect a scooter to outperform a motorcycle when it comes to off-road racing. That being said, if you live in an area with a lot of dirt and gravel roads, parks and paved streets, the OX might be the perfect choice.
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The Inokim Ox Super is a high-end electric scooter that doesn't skimp on design or performance.
  • - 4.5
The Inokim Ox Super is easily one of the most premium electric scooters I’ve ever had the chance to ride, not just in terms of design but features and performance too. The unique design of the Ox Super stands out from a sea of generic electric scooters, with every design element playing a part in the high-end experience on offer, be it automatic lighting or the mono-fork wheel suspension design that makes the front wheel look like it’s floating free from the stem of the scooter.
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So Much More Than Stats
The OX is an innovative and well-designed electric scooter. It’s certainly not a scooter for everyone. Those who want a quality, head-turning scooter that is reliable and smooth will love this scooter.
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INOKIM OX Review 2021
  • - 4.3
Overall, the build quality on this escooter is extremely high, you can tell no corners have been cut. The materials used and production of the INOKIM OX simply scream quality. Suitable for both urban and off-road usage, this e-scooter offers durability and versatility, alongside a great range and speed; perfect for commuters and electric explorers everywhere. This scooter is extremely easy to get the hang of, operating like many others on the market. Adjustable suspension and an ergonomic design aid in riders in reaching maximum comfort on the move. The lack of mobile app/speed settings make this one ideal experienced riders and for someone trying to learn the hard way. Worth noting, the INOKIM OX is designed eco-friendly and highly efficient; effectively reducing carbon impact, one rider at a time.
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