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Editor's Note

Riding around town on the Apollo City Pro offered a liberating experience often lacking in urban travel options. Its swift acceleration felt empowering amid congested cityscapes while its range put destination worries to rest. True enjoyment came from those moments when all elements – speed, handling, freedom – coalesced into pure riding bliss despite some hiccups with durability that can't be ignored.

Apollo City Pro

  • Range

    61 km

  • Top Speed

    51 kph

  • Motor Power


  • Battery Size

    864 Wh


  • Robust performance with impressive top speed
  • Long-range ideal for extensive use
  • Intuitive handling in various conditions


  • Heavier build may not suit all users
  • Folding mechanism concerns raised durability questions
  • Parts availability could be improve

Product Overview

Electric scooters have really taken cities by storm, and the Apollo City Pro is no exception. This e-scooter is tailor-made for the urban adventurer who demands a blend of speed, range, and reliability in their daily commute or weekend escapades. It's perfect for riders who need to zip through city streets without the hassle of public transport or the cost of ride-sharing services.

Design and Build Quality:

Straight out of the box, Apollo City Pro's elegant silhouette strikes a chord. Crafted with durable materials, it has a heft to it that inspires confidence. Its design exudes an urban aesthetic while not compromising on toughness. Assembling was a breeze – everything clicked into place with reassuring solidity.

Overall Performance:

Performance-wise, this scooter is a dynamo. It gets up to speed quickly, making short work of steep hills and long stretches alike. The 51 kph top speed turns mundane commutes into exhilarating dashes, while its 61 km range ensures I'm not constantly hunting for power outlets. Braking is smooth and reliable, vital for stop-and-go city traffic.

The Motors & Battery:

With a robust 1000w motor, acceleration felt as effortless as breathing. The battery life impressed me; I managed several days of commuting without needing to recharge, and the performance didn't dip as the battery level dropped. That said, some users might find the weight at 29 kg a bit much if they need to carry it frequently.

The Wheels & Braking:

Pneumatic tires cushioned my ride over potholes and uneven pavement. However, on wet roads, I wished for slightly better grip. The drum brakes delivered firm stopping power but lacked the immediate bite of disc brakes – something riders should be mindful of during rainy days.

Overall Handling:

Navigating through busy sidewalks and bike lanes was like threading a needle with the Apollo City Pro – precise and fluid. The dual-spring suspension absorbed shocks well, although really rough terrain could still be felt.

Maintenance and Repair:

When it comes to maintenance, things got a bit tricky. Some components seemed less durable than I'd hoped. I encountered issues with the folding mechanism which required attention sooner than anticipated – thankfully nothing major broke down during my test week. Dealing with brand support was straightforward but getting parts proved more challenging than ideal.

Additional Features:

Nifty features like built-in lights added peace of mind on evening rides, ensuring visibility wasn't an issue. Electric gauges kept me informed about speed and battery life at a glance – definitely appreciated on longer trips.


Considering everything from performance to build quality and maintenance concerns, I rate the Apollo City Pro 7/10. While it's powerful and handles beautifully in most scenarios, its durability could be improved.

Apollo City Pro Specification

Apollo City Pro
29 kg
Max Load
Dual Spring
61 km
Top Speed
51 kph
Motor Power
Battery Size
864 Wh
Water Resistant

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