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Apollo Phantom

Apollo Phantom
  • Range

    64 km

  • Top Speed

    61 kph, 75 kph

  • Motor Power


  • Battery Size

    1216 Wh, 1260 Wh

The Apollo Phantom is a high-performance electric scooter with a range of up to 64 km and top speed of 61 kph. The Phantom is equipped with a powerful 2400w motor, 1216 Wh battery, and dual spring suspension for comfortable rides. With lights in both front and back, as well as disc brakes, you'll be safe while commuting in style.
Apollo Phantom (52V)Apollo Phantom Ludicrous (60V)
Max Load
135 kg135 kg
Hill Climbability
45 %
Water Resistant
IP54 IP54
Recharge Time
12 hours6 - 9 hours
Regenerative Braking
Dual SpringDual Spring
64 km64 km
Motor Power
Top Speed
61 kph75 kph
Battery Size
1216 Wh1260 Wh
35 kg34 kg
Reviews of the Apollo Phantom
Rated 4.4 / 5 from 6 Reviews
Apollo Phantom Review
  • - 4.5
Well, my first instinct is to say that Apollo Phantom is fit for everyone. That’s because the Phantom has been built and designed according to the masses of feedback Apollo has received over the years they have been putting out scooters. As a result, everything this scooter offers is in response to a need vocalized by riders. It’s fully adaptable, thanks to its plush pneumatic tires and quite frankly absurd quad spring suspension. This means its ride quality is almost unparalleled. No matter where your riding appetite lies, the Phantom will be able to match you stride for stride.
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A Perfect Balance Of Power, Safety, And Quality
The Apollo Phantom is a powerful scooter, but not really the most powerful one out there. There are better choices if you’re looking for off-road scooters, fast scooters, or long-range scooters. At the same time, while some owners have chosen to buy the Phantom as their first scooter (and have never looked back), it’s not exactly a beginner scooter either. It’s simply too powerful, and too expensive for that purpose. The Apollo Phantom is for the true scooter enthusiast, for the real connoisseur. If you’re looking for a super-comfortable ride, strong but safe performance, high-caliber standard in every single part and in the entire build as a whole, then the Apollo Phantom is the right scooter for you.
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Apollo Phantom Electric Scooter Review
The Apollo Phantom electric scooter is difficult to beat. It is fast, can go uphill at speed, has a fantastic suspension system, the best tires of any production scooter, superb ergonomics, brilliant super bright headlight, best display, great brakes, and the list goes on. It is also a dream to ride. Exceptional build quality right out of the box with no need to readjust anything. Available at $1999 it is a phenomenal choice for the everyday commuter even if it is a longer range commute over varying terrain. It does seem like a no brainer if you are looking for the best option at this price range.
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Almost The Perfect Electric Scooter
  • - 4.5
The Apollo Phantom is heavy on features and high in value. It is an innovative scooter that performs incredibly well across the line. The result is an eye-wateringly powerful ride with a responsive build that is safe as houses. Its tried and true design has already been refined to the point where you’ll have to look long and hard for anything to nitpick about.
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Innovative Scooter Get V2 Upgrades
The Phantom is exceptional with amazing build quality, solid performance, and commuter-friendly features suitable for riders looking to jump on their scoots every day. You’ll feel comfortable driving with traffic when needed, taking bumps and corners on the quad spring suspension, and have less to carry with you riding at night (you won’t need all those extra lights!). If you can wait and want blazing, rubber-burning speed, the 60V Phantom Ludicrous is ridiculously fast on top of the complete feature set that you’re getting with the Phantom (no matter the power).
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  • - 4.3
The Phantom gives you speed, range, comfort, build quality, performance on and off-road, braking on a dime, quality lighting, state-of-the-art digital display, best-in-class folding mechanism, and premium ergonomic parts. The only thing to be said is that it sounds too good to be true. When Apollo said they wanted to design a scooter void of cost-cutting antiques and usual scooter design flaws, they did just that. This innovative electric scooter comes with nary a compromise, save for the unimpressive kickstand. But for £1,520.86 ($2,099.00), you are getting the best value money can get you in the electric scooter space.
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