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Apollo Air

Apollo Air
  • Range

    30 km, 24 km

  • Top Speed

    30 kph, 24 kph

  • Motor Power

    350w, 250w

  • Battery Size

    374 Wh, 281 Wh

The Apollo Air is a lightweight electric scooter that's perfect for zipping to work, school, or any other destination. Operated by a 250w motor and 281 Wh battery, the Apollo Air can go up to 24 kph for a range of up to 24 km. It features both front and rear lights for safety in low light conditions, as well as disc brakes for quick stops. With an IPX4 water-resistant rating, this e-scooter is great in wet weather and easy to clean. The Apollo Air only weighs 15 kg and has a maximum load of 99 kg making it easy to handle. The tires are also pneumatic for a smooth ride on all surfaces
Apollo Air ProApollo Air
Max Load
100 kg100 kg
Hill Climbability
5 - 10 %4 - 6 %
Water Resistant
Recharge Time
5 - 7 hours5 - 7 hours
Regenerative Braking
30 km24 km
Motor Power
Top Speed
30 kph24 kph
Battery Size
374 Wh281 Wh
17 kg16 kg
Reviews of the Apollo Air
Rated 4.3 / 5 from 4 Reviews
Apollo Air Review
  • - 4.25
If you’re looking for a scooter sub $600 and don’t want to settle for a cheaply made model, but instead want one that oozes quality and reliability, the Apollo Air fits the bill. As per its moniker, the Air is a lightweight scooter that fits the profile of portability. It folds easily, and – at 35 lbs – comfortably makes the cut as a commuter scooter. Ultimately, it’s Apollo’s entry-level scooter that is best suited to those who aren’t concerned with blistering top speeds and riding for Herculean distances, but for a scooter that they can enjoy day-to-day weaving in and out of busy city streets, as well as leisurely rides at the weekend.
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Super Stable 15 MPH Scooter Is Great for Beginners
If you’re looking for a fun and sporty introduction to electric scooters with a low-maintenance, user-friendly setup, the Apollo Air is an excellent choice. It has a standout design, stability, and handling, making it strong competition against champion scooters in the mid-range commuter class. It’s not a standout for performance, but is extraordinary when it comes to not being boring and riding really, really well.
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Apollo Air Review
The Apollo Air might be the perfect entry-level scooter if the price is your biggest consideration. Blow for blow, it outperforms nearly all the other offerings in this overcrowded price range and offers infallible build quality to assure you that it’s not just any other cheap electric scooter. Apollo outshines its competitors with exceptional ride quality, and it’s a marvel that they can achieve that for riders with a small budget. If you need a budget commuting device that will comfortably get you from point A to B and back, all the while keeping you comfortable and looking stylish, then the Apollo Air is the best you can hope for.
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Stability and Safety with 18.8 MPH Speed
With the Air Pro, Apollo has made a strong competitor in one of the most hotly contested spaces in the electric scooter game: the entry level market. Going strictly by performance specs, the Air Pro isn’t doing anything new or spectacular. but when you factor in how well the Air handles, and how smooth and stable the ride feels, you realize that specs aren’t everything. The Air Pro is right where it needs to be, providing sporty, superior ride quality in a fun, intuitive and beginner-friendly package.
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