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Editor's Note

Navigating city streets aboard the Apollo Phantom V2 has been a ride full of contrasts—a powerful motor set against questionable construction choices that left me with mixed feelings. This scooter has so much potential if only reliability matched its raw performance.

Apollo Phantom V2

Apollo Phantom V2
  • Range

    64 km

  • Top Speed

    70 kph, 61 kph

  • Motor Power

    2800w, 2400w

  • Battery Size

    1278 Wh, 1216 Wh


  • Impressive top speed
  • Responsive acceleration
  • Ample range for longer trips


  • Durability concerns with folding mechanism
  • Long battery recharge time
  • Some components feel cheap

Product Overview

As an electric scooter enthusiast, I have a soft spot for high-performance rides that can handle both the daily commute and the thrill of speed. The Apollo Phantom V2 caught my eye with its promise to cater to riders seeking adrenaline without compromising on practicality. Those who value robust speed, impressive range, and sturdy design may find this e-scooter to be a compelling choice.

Design and Build Quality:

Upon receiving the Apollo Phantom V2, its refined aesthetic immediately impressed me. The combination of metal components and strategic placement of durable plastics gives off a robust feel. However, some aspects didn't quite match up to expectations; during use, I noticed the camlock mechanism felt a bit wobbly, raising concerns about longevity. Assembly was straightforward but couldn't shake off the feeling that more attention to these details would enhance user confidence in the build.

Overall Performance:

Riding through urban landscapes on this e-scooter was exhilarating—zipping past traffic at speeds up to 61 kph felt liberating. Its acceleration is responsive, offering a swift escape from standstills. Climbing hills was manageable thanks to its considerable hill climb ability, yet there's room for improvement in stability during these moments. For those long treks across town or spontaneous exploration, the 64 km range proved sufficient but bear in mind lengthy recharge times.

The Motors & Battery:

With 2400 watts of power underfoot, you feel an undeniable surge propelling you forward; however, full-throttle moments hinted at what seemed like an over-promise of potential. While battery life largely stayed true to spec across different scenarios, it's critical to plan ahead for recharging sessions due to the substantial 12-14 hour replenishment period.

The Wheels & Braking:

Comfort rolled in with each spin of the pneumatic tires that absorbed much of city streets' unpredictability. Braking was another highlight—disc brakes provide confidence-inspiring stops even when cutting through traffic or dodging unforeseen obstacles.

Overall Handling:

Taking corners and navigating uneven terrain showcased the quad spring suspension's effectiveness; yet again though, handlebar play was a noticeable detractor from an otherwise comfortable ride. Adjusting grip strength often offset the issue, still it's something users shouldn't have to compensate for.

Maintenance and Repair:

Maintaining this e-scooter wasn't particularly demanding; most routine checks were DIY-friendly. Regrettably, I encountered some durability issues—specifically with the folding mechanism that could lead one down a path of frequent repairs or replacements. Dealing with customer service yielded mixed results; prompt responses at times while at others parts availability became a hurdle.

Additional Features:

Night rides were brightened by well-placed lights while electric gauges kept me informed on-the-go—a delightful blend of safety and convenience that meshed seamlessly into my daily jaunts around town.


Weighing all factors—from performance to build quality—I'd rate the Apollo Phantom V2 a solid 6/10. If not for concerns about construction and dependability affecting overall experience, this rating could soar higher.

Apollo Phantom V2 Specification

Apollo Phantom V2 60vApollo Phantom V2 52v
35 kg35 kg
Max Load
136 kg136 kg
Quadruple SpringQuadruple Spring
64 km64 km
Top Speed
70 kph61 kph
Motor Power
Battery Size
1278 Wh1216 Wh
Recharge Time
12 - 14 hours12 - 14 hours
Hill Climbability
45 - 48 %45 - 48 %
Water Resistant
IP54 IP54
Regenerative Braking

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