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Navigating city streets or taking leisurely rides through parks becomes an entirely new adventure aboard the WowGo 3X e-skateboard. You're connected to every twist and turn – it's pure skateboarding joy infused with electric spirit!

WowGo 3X

WowGo 3X
  • Range

    22.5 km

  • Top Speed

    40 km/h, 39 kph

  • Motor Power

    2 × 600 W, 1200w

  • Battery Size

    12s2p, 43.2V, 5Ah, 216 Wh, 259 Wh


  • Robust build quality
  • Impressive top speed and acceleration
  • Quick battery recharge time


  • Not suitable for air travel
  • No water resistance
  • Lacks built-in lights

Product Overview

Electric skateboarding is not just a way to get from point A to B; it's a lifestyle, an expression of freedom and thrill. For those who crave this excitement, the WowGo 3X e-skateboard is a contender that can't be ignored. It caters to enthusiasts looking for a swift, reliable ride, yet it might not cater to travelers due to its non-air-travel-friendly battery.

Design and Build Quality:

Riding the WowGo 3X feels like cruising on a piece of refined craftsmanship. Decked out in quality materials, its deck strikes a perfect balance between flexibility and sturdiness – giving that confidence-inspiring solidity underfoot. Striking design elements catch eyes as I weave through the cityscape; people are curious, often asking about my sleek companion. Assembly? A breeze, as everything was ready to go straight out of the box.

Overall Performance:

Talk about performance! The WowGo 3X has zest in spades. Commutes transform into exhilarating dashes, making mundane trips electrifying. It tops at 39 kph, turning heads and slicing wind with gusto. Hills usually daunting on regular skateboards? Conquered with relative ease thanks to its hill climb ability. Braking is smooth and intuitive; vital for those heart-racing moments when an unforeseen obstacle appears.

The Motors & Battery:

The dual 1200w motors deliver punchy acceleration that's addictive. Up steep inclines or during brisk starts, they push hard without breaking a sweat. Battery life rings true to the promised range of 22.5 km – sufficient for daily escapades before needing a recharge, which is snappy at around 2.5 hours.

The Wheels & Braking:

Wheels on the WowGo 3X feel super squishy yet rebound quickly to center which is great for carving tight turns. Comfort isn't sacrificed over varied terrains, smoothing out most bumps in the road. However, without water resistance or lights, one must be cautious during dusk rides or after rain showers.

Overall Handling:

Handling this board feels intuitive like an extension of myself as I navigate through different environments. Whether zipping around urban corners or cruising along park pathways, comfort never takes a back seat.

Maintenance and Repair:

Maintenance has been minimal – just keeping it clean and checking bolts regularly. Haven't needed repairs yet but it’s reassuring knowing parts are readily available if needed. Dealing with WowGo for queries has been hassle-free so far.

Additional Features:

Lacking in bells and whistles like suspension or lights means you get a streamlined experience focused on raw riding pleasure. The remote control is quality incarnate – responsive with an accurate electric gauge keeping you informed on your journey.


For delivering an adrenaline-packed experience while staying user-friendly and robust, I'd rate the WowGo 3X an impressive 8/10.

WowGo 3X Specification

WowGo 3XWowGo 3X
7.8 kg7.8 kg
Max Load
125 kg120 kg
22.5 km
Top Speed
40 km/h39 kph
Motor Power
2 × 600 W1200w
Battery Size
12s2p, 43.2V, 5Ah, 216 Wh259 Wh
Drive Train
2WD, belt drive, 90 mm, 25-30 % hill climb2 x Belt
Air Travel Friendly
Recharge Time
2.5 - 3 hours
Hill Climbability
25 – 30 %
Water Resistant
Regenerative Braking

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