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Editor's Note

Casual riders looking for an affordable entry into e-skateboarding could do well considering the Verreal Mini. It strikes a balance between portability and power that should suit day-to-day short trips or fun excursions nicely.

Verreal Mini

Verreal Mini
  • Range

    10 miles (16 km)

  • Top Speed

    40 km/h, 18.6 mph (30 km/h)

  • Motor Power

    2 × 250 W

  • Battery Size

    160 Wh, 144 Wh


  • Robust design
  • Adequate speed and power
  • User-friendly remote control
  • Solid battery life


  • Limited top speed for speed enthusiasts
  • Slight performance drop-off for heavier riders
  • Lacks some advanced features

Product Overview

Electric skateboarding enthusiasts seeking a ride that marries practicality with fun might find a match in the Verreal Mini. Compact, yet robust, this e-skateboard seems designed for those keen on zippy commutes and leisurely rides through urban landscapes. With its portable form factor, it caters to riders up to 220 lbs who might need to carry their board occasionally. Speed demons may crave more, but beginners or moderate thrill-seekers will appreciate the balance of pace and maneuverability.

Design and Build Quality:

Clad in quality materials, the Verreal Mini boasts a design that feels sturdy underfoot. Assembly wasn't a concern; it was ready to go from unboxing to cruising in no time. During my week with the Mini, I particularly noticed how the finish resisted scratches and scuffs – a testament to its resilience in daily use.

Overall Performance:

Whether darting across town or carving up sidewalk waves for pleasure, this board didn't disappoint. Climbing hills at a 20% incline? Check. Reaching top speeds of 18.6 mph? Absolutely, though heavier riders might notice a slight dip in performance. Braking was smooth and reliable – essential for busy cityscapes – while the range hit close to the promised 10 miles before needing a recharge.

The Motors & Battery:

Equipped with one or two hub motors, depending on your choice, the power delivery was consistent and adequate for most scenarios. As for battery life, it held true to expectations, providing uninterrupted rides without faltering early. Even better, battery performance didn't seem to degrade notably over several charge cycles.

The Wheels & Braking:

Rides felt comfortable on various surfaces as the wheels absorbed road inconsistencies with ease. When it came to safety and comfort during sudden stops or slowdowns, the braking system instilled confidence without any jarring halts.

Overall Handling:

Navigating through tight corners or swerving around obstacles was a breeze with the Mini's nimble handling. Riding felt intuitive in different settings – from crowded pathways to open stretches where I could let loose a bit more.

Maintenance and Repair:

Simple maintenance tasks like tightening screws or adjusting trucks were straightforward DIY jobs. When issues arose beyond my expertise, support proved helpful and responsive in providing guidance. Parts seemed readily available for those looking to handle repairs themselves.

Additional Features:

The remote control was another highlight; ergonomic and intuitive, making it seamless to adjust speeds without distraction. I missed having some fancier features like underglow lights or advanced electric gauges but appreciated the essentials done right.


I'd rate the Verreal Mini at 7/10 due to its solid build and commendable performance across various terrains and situations.

Verreal Mini Specification

Verreal Mini (4 Ah)Verreal Mini
7 kg15.4 lbs (6 kg)
Max Load
220 lbs (100 kg)
10 miles (16 km)
Top Speed
40 km/h18.6 mph (30 km/h)
Motor Power
2 × 250 W
Battery Size
160 Wh144 Wh
Drive Train
2WD, hub drive, 90 mm1 or 2 x Hub
Air Travel Friendly
Hill Climbability
20 %

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