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This pocket rocket marries portability with practicality in an almost seamless fashion — ideal for those prioritizing ease of transport over long-range comfort rides. While its rigid ride won't suit everyone, city dwellers short on space will appreciate how neatly it fits into a hectic lifestyle.

Glion Dolly

Glion Dolly
  • Range

    24 km

  • Top Speed

    24 kph

  • Motor Power


  • Battery Size

    280 Wh


  • Excellent portability and easy folding mechanism
  • Sturdy construction and materials
  • Rapid acceleration and good battery life


  • Ride can be harsh due to solid tires and lack of suspension
  • Balancing can be challenging when signaling
  • Lacks some high-tech features found in competitor

Product Overview

Glion Dolly

Design and Build Quality:

Crafted with a sleek aluminum frame, the Glion Dolly presents an aura of sophistication without sacrificing durability. Handling this e-scooter is akin to toting around a piece of modern art that's built to last. Its intuitive folding mechanism, accompanied by telescoping handlebars, transforms the scooter into a compact, easily portable package akin to rolling luggage, which is perfect for tucking away under a cafe table or storing in an office corner.

Overall Performance:

Zipping through city streets on this nimble ride offers the thrill of a swift skateboard combined with the convenience of an electric boost. It accelerates with the eagerness of a sprinter off the starting block, although its 24 kph top speed won't break any records. Hills are tackled with determination thanks to its 25% hill climb ability, but expect some slowing when fully loaded or on steeper gradients. Braking is sharp and sure-footed, albeit it can feel abrupt at times; I've learned to anticipate stops with knees bent to avoid jolts.

The Motors & Battery:

With 250 watts of power, this e-scooter is like a silent workhorse; it gets you where you need to go without fanfare. The battery life has proven true to specifications in my experience, carrying me up to 24 km on one charge — impressive for such a discreetly sized unit. Charging is refreshingly quick too, keeping downtimes brief between escapades.

The Wheels & Braking:

Riding on solid tires provides peace of mind against punctures but transmits more road vibrations than I'd prefer. Each journey feels like skating over textured cobblestones, imparting authenticity to urban commuting but trading off some comfort. Braking requires finesse — the foot-activated rear brake supplemented by ABS ensures stops are effective yet could benefit from smoother modulation.

Overall Handling:

Navigating bustling sidewalks and dodging street obstacles become second nature aboard the Glion Dolly. It doesn't have the fluidity of some larger-wheeled counterparts when signaling turns or maneuvering through tight spaces — something new riders will need time to acclimate to. Despite this, its responsive steering and manageable weight make it a practical companion for the daily commute or spontaneous city exploration.

Maintenance and Repair:

Throughout my week's journey, maintenance was virtually nonexistent — testament to the machine's robust build quality. While I didn't encounter issues necessitating repair, knowing that customer service is reputed for their promptness adds confidence in the brand. Parts availability didn't come into play during my short tenure but seems promising given Glion's customer-centric ethos.

Additional Features:

The front light on this electric chariot is not just functional; it's brilliantly positioned for night-time visibility — though I did find myself wishing for an integrated rear light as well. A straightforward yet effective battery gauge eliminates unnecessary complexity from my riding experience while ensuring I'm always aware of remaining charge levels before setting out.


7/10 My rating takes into account its urban adaptability and top-notch folding design but acknowledges room for improvement in ride comfort and balance.

Glion Dolly Specification

Glion Dolly
12 kg
Max Load
115 kg
24 km
Top Speed
24 kph
Motor Power
Battery Size
280 Wh
Recharge Time
2 - 3.5 hours
Hill Climbability
25 %
Regenerative Braking

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The lowest price is $350.18 for the Glion Dolly, available from multiple sites. The 15 purchase links we have analyzed have revealed an average price of $851.

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Reviews of the Glion Dolly


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Glion Dolly Foldable Lightweight Adult Electric Scooter Review
  • - 5
If you’re searching for the best electric scooter for commuting and the best electric scooter for climbing hills, it just so happens the Glion Dolly Foldable Lightweight Adult Electric Scooter has the right stuff. This is in addition to fast charging and an easy way to store and travel, making it a shoe-in as the best folding electric scooter. Its versatility and performance certainly make this a contender for our best electric scooter list.
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This electric scooter offers a great combo of price and performance
  • - 4
The Glion Dolly strikes a near perfect balance of price and performance, especially for commuters. At $500, it's not the least nor the most expensive electric scooter, yet is fast enough to dodge slow-moving traffic, and folds up quickly and easily for when you need to carry it around. If you have a longer commuting distance, you'll want to upgrade to something like the Segway Ninebot ES4 ($769), which has nearly twice the range. But for $500, you won't find a better combination of price and performance.
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  • - 3.6
The Glion Dolly 225 electric scooter is definitely built with commuters in mind who don’t want anything too fancy, fast or complicated. With its range and speed, it’s built with these users in mind. If it’s speed you’re after then this probably isn’t the electric scooter for you as there are others on the market that are faster and have a longer range too. The Glion Dolly is one of the easiest scooters to carry around when you’re not using it and it’s really lightweight. It truly depends on what you want to use your scooter for as to whether you purchase this exact model or not.
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Glion Dolly Electric Scooter Review
  • - 3.3
Most scooters need to be carried around in a bag on your back or under your arm, but the Glion Dolly is rollable and can stand up on its own. It’s small handlebars also make it more compact. Overall, with that rolling feature on top of the very durable construction, great safety lighting, and a good battery, we’re impressed with this scooter. See how the Glion Dolly holds up to the competition in our best electric scooters comparison.
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Glion Dolly Electric Scooter Review
  • - 4.7
It has a Mi home app for checking your speed, power, stats and more. This smartphone app is easy to use too. This is the perfect electric scooter for anyone looking for a fairly priced mode of transport to work. The speed and longrange battery should work for just about anyone in a busy city or elsewhere. This is a very reliable and easy foldncarry design ultralightweight adult scooter that you are going to love. You will ride the scooter every day. It turns out that this is one of the best electric scooters for commuting. Ive ridden many electric scooters and this one stands out for being just a solid dependable model. It is also a lot of fun to ride. The Home app keeps all the info you need.
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