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Editor's Note

Riding through my weekly routine on the Mosquito has been an eye-opener into what efficient urban mobility can feel like—uncomplicated yet capable.

Fluid Freeride Mosquito

  • Range

    24 km

  • Top Speed

    32 kph

  • Motor Power


  • Battery Size

    345 Wh


  • Compact design
  • Quality construction
  • Solid tire durability


  • Limited comfort on rough surfaces
  • Basic hill climbing ability
  • Foot brake requires practic

Product Overview

With nimble moves and a punchy demeanor, the Fluid Freeride Mosquito is a charmer for city dwellers seeking zippy transport. It's tailored for those who crave compact efficiency rather than long-range cruisers or speed demons.

Design and Build Quality:

Unboxing the Mosquito was like meeting a well-tailored suit—compact, refined, and ready to impress. Crafted with quality materials, this scooter exudes durability despite its featherweight presence. Every day, its intuitive folding mechanism proved to be a lifesaver in crowded subway cars and cozy cafe corners.

Overall Performance:

As my daily sidekick, the Mosquito handled quick jaunts to local shops and breezy commutes with gusto. Zipping up to 32 kph felt exhilarating on open stretches, though it's when darting through alleyways that this little beast truly shone. Hill climbs were more of a gentle hike than a sprint, but what it lacks in raw uphill strength, it made up for with reliable braking when needed.

The Motors & Battery:

With a motor as sprightly as an espresso shot, the Mosquito delivered consistent performance throughout my week-long escapade. The battery's stamina stayed true to the promised range; even after several days of mixed-use scenarios, I seldom worried about being stranded without juice.

The Wheels & Braking:

Solid tires meant no concerns over punctures, offering peace of mind on litter-strewn streets. However, these same wheels transmitted shocks from potholes directly to my wrists—a trade-off for maintenance-free riding. The foot brake took some getting used to; while adequate in most situations, it required anticipation and a firm stomp during more urgent stops.

Overall Handling:

Steering felt crisp like autumn leaves underfoot; tight turns were executed with precision. Comfort-wise, longer rides could become taxing due to the stiff suspension system—not quite the magic carpet ride over bumpy terrain.

Maintenance and Repair:

In terms of upkeep, simplicity reigns supreme with the Mosquito. Minor adjustments were easy enough to manage solo. When reaching out to Fluid Freeride regarding queries on spare parts availability, responses came swiftly and courteously—a reassuring aspect for potential future fixes.

Additional Features:

Cleverly integrated lighting ensured visibility during dusky rides home. While not laden with high-tech gadgetry, essential electric gauges kept me informed without overwhelming—a minimalist dream.


Factoring in all its attributes and quirks, I give the Mosquito a solid 8 out of 10. It triumphs in urban agility and build quality while providing enough features to satisfy most daily needs without excess complexity.

Fluid Freeride Mosquito Specification

Fluid Freeride Mosquito
Fluid Freeride
9 kg
Max Load
108 kg
Dual Spring
24 km
Top Speed
32 kph
Motor Power
Battery Size
345 Wh

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