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Razor Ecosmart Metro

  • Range

    19 km

  • Top Speed

    25 kph

  • Motor Power


  • Battery Size

    252 Wh

Razor's Ecosmart Metro is an e-scooter that gives you a fun, green ride wherever you want to go. With a range of up to 19 km and a top speed of 25 kph, this scooter is perfect for getting around the city. The Metro's battery size is 252 Wh, and it only weighs 29 kg, so it's easy to carry with you wherever you go. Razor's Ecosmart Metro offers a smooth responsive ride with a 500-watt motor and a max weight capacity of 99 kg. The Metro also features disc brakes for safe stopping and pneumatic tires for a smooth ride.
Razor Ecosmart Metro
29 kg
19 km
Top Speed
25 kph
Motor Power
Battery Size
252 Wh
Max Load
99 kg
Reviews of the Razor Ecosmart Metro
Rated 3.9 / 5 from 6 Reviews
Everything the Adult Scooterist Needs
However, there are many other groups of scooterists that will simply fall in love with the Razor EcoSmart Metro, and the insanely high customer satisfaction is proof of that. Casual riders that need a strong and reliable scooter, adults looking for a fun ride for cruising, senior citizens or anyone that enjoys the support of a comfortable seat whil...
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The EcoSmart Metro HD offers a super smooth ride that requires no physical exertion
  • - 4
The Razor EcoSmart Metro HD Electric Scooter offers a super smooth and fun ride that requires virtually no physical exertion, but it’s heavy and doesn’t come with any reflectors or lights....
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The Razor EcoSmart Metro HD is the best electric scooter for those who want to be seated while they ride
  • - 4
he Razor EcoSmart Metro HD is no hell on wheels, but it is a very comfortable and capable electric scooter that not only lets you sit down on your rides, but has a convenient basket for carrying things, too. While it lacks lights or reflectors, it has a simple, solid build, and lets you cruise along at a nice, steady pace. It’s great for those who ...
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Razor EcoSmart Metro E-Scooter Review
The scooter only costs around $400 on Amazon, but it's certainly not a low end product, and it's certainly worth more than it's price. This is a great purchase for those who are on a budget, and need some means of transportation other than public transport (especially for those in rural areas). Or it's for those who just want to have some fun....
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Razor EcoSmart Metro Review
  • - 2.5
Are you environmentally conscious? Do you want an electric scooter that is fast and reliable? Do you want an all-round electric scooter? (Use it for anything and everything) If all of your answers to those questions were yes, then the EcoSmart Metro will be a good fit for you. From personal experience, I would recommend this scooter for adults and ...
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Razor Ecosmart Metro Electric Scooter Review
  • - 5
The Razor Ecosmart Metro Electric Scooter may have its downsides, such as a long charge time and non-adjustable handlebars, but these pale in comparison to the performance, durability, and safety features present in the scooter. Do you really want to trade in your safety for a scooter with adjustable handlebars? Doesn’t seem quite fair to me....
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