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Immersing myself in the urban tapestry aboard Kugoo M4 Pro has been a revelation in what modern e-scooters can offer. Balancing raw power with practical features makes it more than just another commuting tool—it's an extension of adventure in everyday life.

Kugoo M4 Pro

Kugoo M4 Pro
  • Range

    60 km

  • Top Speed

    45 kph

  • Motor Power


  • Battery Size

    624 Wh


  • Robust build quality
  • Excellent range
  • Strong braking system


  • Weight may be cumbersome for some
  • Longer charging period
  • Motor power could be better on steep inclines

Product Overview

Kugoo M4 Pro targets thrill-seekers and urban commuters looking for a balance of performance and practicality. With its robust design and decent range, this e-scooter appeals to those needing a reliable ride for their daily journeys or for those who crave a bit of fun. However, riders prioritizing portability or a quick charge may need to weigh these aspects carefully.

Design and Build Quality:

Upon first glance, the Kugoo M4 Pro exudes sturdiness with its substantial frame. Materials are premium to the touch, instilling confidence in durability. Assembly was straightforward, allowing me to hit the pavement swiftly. Daily use revealed thoughtful touches like the integrated lights, enhancing visibility on evening rides.

Overall Performance:

Performance-wise, Kugoo M4 Pro delivers excitement with a top speed of 45 kph, which made my commutes swift and enjoyable. It smoothly handled hill climbs thanks to the 15% hill climb ability, though at steeper gradients, I felt the motor power slightly lacking. Braking was dependable even at higher speeds, and I could cover significant distances without constantly worrying about the next charge.

The Motors & Battery:

Its 500w motor packed enough punch for most urban terrains. During longer excursions, the battery life generally aligned with the 60 km range spec, albeit slight variances based on riding conditions. Battery longevity impressed me during day-to-day use, lasting comfortably between charges.

The Wheels & Braking:

Rides were smooth thanks to the pneumatic tires that absorbed most bumps and cracks in the road. Braking was a breeze with the responsive disc brakes; I felt secure navigating through crowded streets knowing I could come to a quick stop if needed.

Overall Handling:

In terms of handling, whether weaving through city traffic or cruising down quiet lanes, comfort remained paramount. Dual spring suspension softened impacts from uneven paths, making even longer rides feel less taxing on my body.

Maintenance and Repair:

For maintenance, regular checks kept the scooter in top shape. Fortunately, I didn't encounter any serious issues requiring repair. However, part availability was satisfactory; searching for replacements wouldn't be an arduous task should the need arise.

Additional Features:

Added luxuries like quality electric gauges provided real-time feedback on my speed and battery level - invaluable during longer treks to manage my pace efficiently. Safety features gave me peace of mind each time I ventured out onto busy roads.


Considering everything from build quality to performance and features, I'd rate the Kugoo M4 Pro at 8/10. It's not without its quirks—the weight is noticeable when carrying upstairs and charging time can be inconvenient—but overall it's a solid performer.

Kugoo M4 Pro Specification

Kugoo M4 Pro
23 kg
Max Load
150 kg
Dual Spring
60 km
Top Speed
45 kph
Motor Power
Battery Size
624 Wh
Recharge Time
8 - 12 hours
Hill Climbability
15 %
Water Resistant

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