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Nestled comfortably between utility and fun lies the Hiboy KS4 Pro – an e-scooter that promises reliability for daily commutes yet doesn't shy away from being your leisurely weekend ride companion. It captures what most look for in personal electric transport: simplicity mingled with efficiency.

Hiboy KS4 Pro

Hiboy KS4 Pro
  • Range

    25 Miles

  • Top Speed

    19 MPH

  • Motor Power


  • Battery Size



  • Sturdy build
  • Good range and speed
  • Intuitive handling
  • Easy assembly


  • Comfort decreases on rough terrain
  • Limited deck space
  • Hill climbing ability could be better

Product Overview

Electric scooters have become a staple for urban adventurers and commuters seeking an eco-friendly alternative to cars and public transport. The Hiboy KS4 Pro is tailor-made for those who want the balance of performance and portability without breaking the bank. If you're after a nifty vehicle for zipping around town or something robust enough to handle daily commutes, this might be your match.

Design and Build Quality:

From the moment I laid eyes on the Hiboy KS4 Pro, its solid frame exuded durability. Constructed with quality materials, it feels sturdy underfoot – a reassuring factor during rides. Assembly was straightforward, a simple matter of fixing the handlebars onto the stem, meaning I was ready to hit the road in no time.

Overall Performance:

Whether it was weaving through city streets or cruising on open pathways, performance never waned. The scooter's pep was noticeable as I accelerated to its top speed of 19 MPH with ease. Inclines were tackled with reasonable gusto, although steep hills did challenge the motor somewhat. Braking felt secure and responsive; I particularly appreciated the dual system when needing to stop quickly.

The Motors & Battery:

Throughout my week of use, I found the 500w motor powerful enough for my needs. Despite some loss in punch on steeper inclines, flat ground rides were a breeze. The battery lived up to its promised range on moderate rides but expect less distance on full-throttle journeys. Recharging took about 6 hours, so plugging in overnight was convenient.

The Wheels & Braking:

Riding comfort hinged greatly on terrain quality. Smooth pavement made for an enjoyable glide, while rough patches transmitted more vibrations than I'd have liked due to wheel rigidity. Safety-wise, brakes didn't disappoint; they brought me to a halt effectively from various speeds without any jolts or skids.

Overall Handling:

Handling proved intuitive and enjoyable across different environments. Maneuvering through crowded walkways or dodging obstacles was hassle-free thanks to its nimble steering. For longer jaunts, though, I yearned for more deck space – a consideration if you have larger feet or prefer a wider stance.

Maintenance and Repair:

Maintenance remained low during my test period; however, checking bolts and keeping an eye on tire pressure was essential upkeep. When it came to potential repairs or issues, contacting Hiboy support wasn't necessary as everything functioned as expected.

Additional Features:

This e-scooter's extra perks include an intuitive remote control that enhanced my riding experience by making power adjustments effortless. Although not overloaded with additional features, what's included integrates well into everyday use without feeling gimmicky or unnecessary.


Considering all aspects of my experience with the Hiboy KS4 Pro, I'd rate it 8/10. Its robust build quality paired with reliable performance make it stand out in its price bracket despite minor gripes with comfort over rough surfaces.

Editor Note:

Hiboy KS4 Pro Specification

Hiboy Hiboy KS4 Pro
38.5 lbs
Max Load
220 lbs
Front E-Brake & Rear Disc Braking
25 Miles
Top Speed
19 MPH
Motor Power
Battery Size
Recharge Time
6 Hours
Hill Climbability
15 degrees

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