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For riders seeking raw power and durability in an electric scooter, Zero 10X stands tall amongst its peers. While it might be overkill for some casual riders due to its heft and intensity, performance enthusiasts will revel in what it offers—raw speed married with a reassuring sturdiness.

Zero 10X

Zero 10X
  • Range

    64 km

  • Top Speed

    64 kph

  • Motor Power


  • Battery Size

    936 Wh


  • Impressive acceleration and top speed
  • Excellent range capabilities
  • Strong build quality


  • Weight can be cumbersome for some users
  • Full recharge time is lengthy
  • Battery drains quickly under high performanc

Product Overview

Zero 10X speaks directly to thrill-seekers and urban adventurers looking for a sturdy ride with the chops to handle both daily commutes and weekend fun. Its power and range align well with enthusiasts who require speed and long-distance capabilities, though the substantial weight may not appeal to those needing a lightweight, portable option.

Design and Build Quality:

Right out of the box, Zero 10X's robust frame exudes durability. The combination of metal components and careful assembly contribute to a feeling of quality that justifies its price point. Design-wise, the aggressive stance is paired with practical elements like integrated lights that demand attention. Assembly was straightforward, requiring minimal effort to get it road-ready.

Overall Performance:

From zipping through traffic on weekday mornings to tackling steep inclines on hilly terrains, Zero 10X doesn't shy away from challenges. Acceleration feels almost instantaneous, propelling forward with gusto. Braking is equally impressive, instilling confidence even when descending at high speeds. On a single charge, I comfortably hit the upper end of the range spectrum without any performance dips.

The Motors & Battery:

Dual motors deliver an exhilarating 3200w power output, showcasing their prowess when accelerating and climbing hills without breaking a sweat. Battery life was consistent with specifications; however, during more intensive rides full of inclines and faster speeds, the battery drained quicker than expected.

The Wheels & Braking:

Pneumatic tires smoothed out most road imperfections, although harsh bumps reminded me this isn't a luxury sedan. The disc brakes are responsive, bringing me to a safe stop even when heart rates were high.

Overall Handling:

Carving through cityscapes felt intuitive with its responsive controls. Rides were comfortable overall thanks to the suspension system which absorbed most road vibrations. Maneuvering in different environments proved effortless once familiarized with the scooter's dynamics.

Maintenance and Repair:

Throughout my week of testing, there was no need for repairs. For maintenance, regular checks on tire pressure and brake tightness sufficed. Should parts be needed in future, availability seemed decent based on online communities discussing the brand.

Additional Features:

Integrated lighting made night rides less daunting while adding visibility for others around me. Electric gauges provided clear feedback on my speed and battery level—essential info always within a glance.



Zero 10X Specification

Zero 10X
36 kg
Max Load
120 kg
Spring + Hydraulic
64 km
Top Speed
64 kph
Motor Power
Battery Size
936 Wh
Recharge Time
12 hours
Hill Climbability
50 %
Water Resistant
Regenerative Braking

Where to buy the Zero 10X

The lowest price is $1319 for the Zero 10X, available from multiple sites. The 3 purchase links we have analyzed have revealed an average price of $1,833.

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