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Apollo Explore

Apollo Explore
  • Range

    54 km

  • Top Speed

    49 kph

  • Motor Power


  • Battery Size

    946 Wh

The Apollo Explore is one of the most versatile lightweight, and compact e-scooter that can take you anywhere you want to go. With an impressive range of 54 km, the Explore can reach speeds up to 49 kph with just 1000w of motor power. With a max load of 119 kg and a 946 Wh battery, this e-scooter ensures that you will keep going for hours at a time. A dual spring suspension system provides comfort while driving over bumpy roads. Explore has both front and rear lights to make sure you're seen while riding at night, disc brakes for quick stopping when needed, and pneumatic tires for a smooth ride.
Apollo Explore
Max Load
119 kg
Hill Climbability
37 %
Water Resistant
Recharge Time
4 - 9 hours
Regenerative Braking
Dual Spring
54 km
Motor Power
Top Speed
49 kph
Battery Size
946 Wh
23 kg
Reviews of the Apollo Explore
Rated 4.2 / 5 from 7 Reviews
Full suspension and full of fun
If you’ve been riding Bird or Lime scooters but want an upgrade to a faster, more powerful, and more comfortable scooter, this would be an excellent option. At 52 pounds, it’s not a lightweight scooter. So if you want to carry it up a few flights of stairs every day, think hard about it. But for a daily commuter with high-quality production (and a rocking light show!), this would be an excellent option. If you want to grab one for $1,249, don’t forget to use the coupon code ELECTREK to score $100 in free accessories.
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Apollo Explore Review 2021
  • - 4.25
With such a reliable range & top speed offered from this mid-spec monster, casual riders & commuters alike will find both fun & functionality. Although a little heavier and more expensive than the Apollo City & aptly named “Light“, the performance is well worth the price. Alongside this, all of Apollo’s models boast brilliant build quality; placing such confidence as to offer a 2 year warranty for all official purchases. Following suit, all models also offer varying degrees of water resistance, with the Explore as no exception. Lastly, keeping this superb scooter in shape should pose no issue, thanks to the 7-days a week support offered by their team. Discover all of the features included in detail below; starting with speed, power and distance.
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  • - 4
For fun, style, and travel, without the frustrations of slow speeds or frequent charging, the Apollo Explore just can’t be beat. Its much faster than most comparative electric scooters, and has tons of great details and excellent construction and stability. Riding the Apollo Explore is a dream, and you’ll find yourself using it all the time because it’s so fast and easy-going. It really is a top notch, head-turning electric scooter that’s well worth the investment.
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Apollo Explore Electric Scooter Review
  • - 4.25
Overall, the Apollo Explore is one of the best electric scooters to reach the market in 2020. The support and value are pretty much second to none and the 24-month warranty is an absolute game-changer. The Apollo Explore has excellent power and an impressive range and the team behind it went the extra mile to ensure optimal performance and built quality. The suspension system feels really smooth and there is plenty of lighting for nighttime visibility. Overall, the Apollo Explore scores an impressive 8.5 points out of a possible 10 which is one of the highest scores we've given yet. There are a few minuscule things the team may want to address in future batches, but the overall experience with the Explore was incredible.
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Apollo Explore Review
  • - 4.25
While it boasts 3 simple to use folding mechanisms that help it to be more compact than a lot of its competitors, the Explore isn’t the lightest scooter. If you’re going to be lifting it regularly, you may want to look elsewhere for a more portable model since its 52 lbs weight isn’t the easiest to maneuver. Ultimately, if you are taking your first steps into the world of electric scooters and don’t want to settle for a model that you’ll outgrow within a few months but also don’t want to dive into the deep end – and build your confidence before upgrading to a more powerful high-performance model – the Apollo Explore is the ideal scooter.
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High-Quality Complete Package Scooter
The Apollo Explore is one of the best electric scooters in the world, and certainly one of the best choices for under $1500. It comes from a very reputable and growing brand, its primary focus is quality and positive owner experience overall, without lagging in performance, and it can satisfy many different categories of scooterists. This will not be a crazy powerful scooter, and probably not the most portable lightweight model out there. But for anything in between, the Apollo Explore is definitely a perfect pick.
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Game Changing New Scooter
The Explore is a recently introduced scooter from Apollo that is well-balanced and features a long warranty. It’s ideal for riders who plan on using their scooters a lot, it has good range and comfort. The Explore is a bit heavy if you’ll need to carry or lift it frequently. If you want something that feels really fast, you might consider stepping it up to a dual-motor scooter.
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