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Editor's Note

All in all, Vestar Night Fury stands out as a reliable electric skateboard option that won't disappoint if high performance is what you're after. While there's room for minor improvements—particularly in the comfort over rough surfaces—it certainly meets most needs one could have from an electric skateboard.

Vestar Night Fury

Vestar Night Fury
  • Range

    25 - 30 miles (40 - 48 km)

  • Top Speed

    26-28 mph (42 - 45 km/h)

  • Battery Size

    504 Wh

  • Max Load

    260 lbs (120 kg)


  • High top speed and smooth acceleration
  • Solid range per charge
  • Sturdy build quality


  • Ride can be rough over uneven terrain
  • Long recharge time
  • Lack of built-in lighting

Product Overview

Fellow adrenaline seekers and daily commuters, I've spent a thrilling week zipping around on the Vestar Night Fury e-Skateboard, and let's say it's quite the machine for those who crave speed with a dash of elegance in their rides. Tailored for enthusiasts seeking a robust ride that can tackle daily commutes with ease and inject fun into their weekend escapades, this board might just tick all your boxes—or at least most of them.

Design and Build Quality:

Right off the bat, the Night Fury's robust build strikes you. With sleek lines and an understated aesthetic, it doesn't scream for attention but definitely catches eyes. Crafted with quality materials, this board feels solid underfoot. Assembly isn’t a worry; out of the box, it’s ready to hit the pavement—no fiddling required.

Overall Performance:

Let me tell you, this beast handles daily commutes like a dream and then turns around to offer exhilarating fun rides. With its impressive top speed brushing close to 28 mph, I felt like I was flying on flat stretches. Climbing hills? The 30% grade capability handled inclines with less struggle than I anticipated. The acceleration curve is smooth yet powerful—no jerky surprises here—and when it comes to braking, responses are prompt and reliable without throwing you off balance.

The Motors & Battery:

Packing dual motors, whether you choose hub or belt drive, they deliver power consistently. Surging up hills didn't sap the battery as fast as I thought it would. Throughout my varied riding conditions, that 504 Wh battery held true to its range promise—making it through long rides without leaving me stranded.

The Wheels & Braking:

Wheels make or break your ride—literally sometimes—and these wheels provided stability on varied terrain. But let's be real: rough patches did transmit more bumps than I'd like. Braking is critical for safety, and thankfully Night Fury's brakes inspired confidence, bringing me to a halt smoothly when needed.

Overall Handling:

Cruising through city streets or carving on open roads felt natural with Night Fury. Its responsive handling made navigating tight spots simpler than expected for a board of its size. Whether navigating crowded sidewalks or deserted pathways, comfort stayed consistent.

Maintenance and Repair:

Maintenance was minimal during my week—a good sign—but when delving into forums and manuals, I learned DIY repairs are manageable for those with some technical know-how. Replacement parts were available enough not to cause concern.

Additional Features:

Extras like the intuitive remote control add to the board’s appeal; it became second nature within my first few rides. Safety features are commendable too; however, an inclusion of built-in lights would’ve been a cherry on top for those twilight rides.


Considering all factors from performance to design finesse, I'd rate Vestar Night Fury an 8/10.

Vestar Night Fury Specification

Vestar Night Fury
19 lb (8.6 kg)
Max Load
260 lbs (120 kg)
25 - 30 miles (40 - 48 km)
Top Speed
26-28 mph (42 - 45 km/h)
Battery Size
504 Wh
Drive Train
2 x Hub or Belt
Air Travel Friendly
Recharge Time
5 - 6 hours
Hill Climbability
25 - 30%
Water Resistant
IP65 (water & dustproof)

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The lowest price is $699.99 for the Vestar Night Fury, available from multiple sites. The 3 purchase links we have analyzed have revealed an average price of $733.

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