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Editor's Note

Tarsa T9 offers a dependable ride that should satisfy most urban riders looking for efficient transport laced with a little excitement on their daily routes.

Tarsa T9

  • Range

    40 km

  • Top Speed

    40 kph

  • Motor Power



  • Solid build quality
  • Quick assembly
  • Responsive braking system
  • Accurate battery range


  • Struggles on steep inclines
  • Limited off-road capability

Product Overview

Thrill-seekers and daily commuters, take note: Tarsa T9 might just tick your boxes. This scooter seems tailored for the urban adventurer who values brisk jaunts across town as well as the reliability needed for daily travel. If zipping through cityscapes is your thing, Tarsa T9 could be a match. Yet, if you're after something for more rugged terrain, this might not be your best bet.

Design and Build Quality:

Tarsa T9's design exudes urban practicality with a dash of flair. Materials feel robust to the touch—aluminum alloy with some plastic components—and they've stood up well during my testing. The sleek deck supported my weight comfortably without any noticeable flex. Assembly was a breeze, too; I was up and running in no time.

Overall Performance:

On city streets, Tarsa T9 impresses with peppy acceleration and a top speed that makes commuting fun without feeling overwhelming. That said, going full throttle at 40 kph felt exhilarating but always under control. Climbing moderate hills was manageable; steep inclines did challenge the 500w motor, though. Braking was responsive—a must in urban environments—and I found the distance range fairly accurate to the 40 km promise on mixed-use trips.

The Motors & Battery:

That 500w motor won't win drag races but provides enough gusto for most urban escapades. Battery life remained true to specifications across various tests, from quick sprints to longer commutes. Charging times were reasonable, ensuring the scooter was ready each morning after overnight charging.

The Wheels & Braking:

Pneumatic tires on the Tarsa T9 softened most road imperfections, contributing to a smoother ride overall. Braking felt secure even when I had to stop unexpectedly—credit goes to the reliable braking system that didn't falter in wet or dry conditions.

Overall Handling:

Whether weaving through congested sidewalks or taking sharp turns at intersections, handling never disappointed. The steering was precise without being twitchy, offering confidence in navigating crowded spaces. On long straightaways and open bike lanes, carving felt natural and added to the enjoyment.

Maintenance and Repair:

During my week with Tarsa T9, maintenance wasn't much of an issue. However, getting in touch with customer service for hypothetical issues proved straightforward—they were responsive and helpful. Spare parts seemed readily available online should the need arise for replacements or upgrades.

Additional Features:

No fancy bells or whistles here, but what's present functions well—the electronic gauge provided clear readings of speed and battery life at-a-glance which integrated seamlessly into my daily checks before heading out.


Balancing its merits against minor drawbacks, I'm confident giving Tarsa T9 a solid 7/10 rating.

Tarsa T9 Specification

Tarsa T9
40 km
Top Speed
40 kph
Motor Power

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