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Editor's Note

Navigating the urban jungle demands gear that's as relentless as your schedule – and Meepo Mini 2 ER meets that challenge head-on. Offering exceptional maneuverability coupled with raw power underfoot, it stands out as an essential tool for commuters who value time efficiency mixed with a dash of thrill.

Meepo Mini 2 ER

Meepo Mini 2 ER
  • Top Speed

    45 km/h

  • Motor Power

    2 × 540 W

  • Battery Size

    Molicel P42A, 10s2p, 36 V, 8 Ah, 288 Wh

  • Max Load

    150 kg


  • Powerful dual motors
  • Impressive range
  • Stability aid handle
  • Portable design


  • Initial build quality issue (mount)
  • Ride comfort on rough terrain
  • Braking learning curve

Product Overview

With the Meepo Mini 2 ER, urban adventurers and commuting enthusiasts alike find a perfect ally for navigating cityscapes with ease. Nimble and powerful, this e-skateboard caters to those craving speed and efficiency in their daily travels. Its compact size appeals to riders looking for portability without sacrificing performance. However, beginners may find its robust power a bit daunting, so newcomers to electric skateboarding should approach with caution.

Design and Build Quality:

Unboxing the Meepo Mini 2 ER was an affair that had me intrigued from the start. Compact yet robust, this e-skateboard exudes durability. Aesthetically, it has an urban chic vibe that doesn't try too hard to impress. During my rides, the sturdy aluminum stick provided confidence while the plastic mount left me questioning its longevity – mine snapped on the first outing but was quickly replaced by responsive customer service. Assembly was a breeze; I had everything set up in minutes.

Overall Performance:

This e-skateboard packs a punch when it comes to performance. Zipping through crowded streets at speeds reaching 45 km/h felt exhilarating – enough oomph to bring out the inner speed demon in anyone. Acceleration is snappy, making short work of traffic lights and stop signs. Braking is where things get nuanced; it requires a firm yet gentle touch to avoid abrupt stops. Range was impressive – I managed several days of commuting without needing a charge.

The Motors & Battery:

Dual 540 W motors deliver consistent thrust that tackles hills effortlessly – a 30% incline became my daily challenge, one that the Meepo Mini 2 ER met without flinching. The battery life impressed me; specs were spot-on with the real-world endurance I experienced. Even after prolonged use across various terrains, the skateboard didn't waver in power delivery.

The Wheels & Braking:

Comfort riding on smooth surfaces was excellent, but bumpy roads introduced discomfort. Larger wheels could have improved ride quality over uneven terrain. When braking, I felt safe but noticed the need for precision in my actions to maintain control.

Overall Handling:

Handling this e-skateboard felt intuitive in most scenarios; however, tight turns demanded attention due to its shorter deck length compared to longboards. Regardless of surface conditions – be it pavement or cobblestone – steering remained responsive.

Maintenance and Repair:

Maintenance tasks were straightforward; tightening screws and cleaning were all easily managed DIY-style. My encounter with customer service over the broken mount was satisfactory; they demonstrated a commitment to rider satisfaction with prompt action.

Additional Features:

The removable handle became my best friend on shaky terrain; it provided stability without becoming a crutch for steering – remember, it's about balance! Easy detachment meant no hassle during transport or storage, which complemented my on-the-go lifestyle perfectly.


My personal rating for the Meepo Mini 2 ER would be a solid 8/10. Factors influencing this score include its remarkable speed and range paired with quick acceleration and competent hill climbing capabilities. Points were deducted for the initial quality issue with the mount and some ride discomfort over rougher surfaces.

Meepo Mini 2 ER Specification

Meepo Mini 2 ER
7.3 kg
Max Load
150 kg
Top Speed
45 km/h
Motor Power
2 × 540 W
Battery Size
Molicel P42A, 10s2p, 36 V, 8 Ah, 288 Wh
Drive Train
2WD, hub drive, 90 mm, 30 % hill climb

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