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Editor's Note

This nifty little machine has carved out a niche in my daily routine like a well-fitted glove — always ready for quick errands or leisurely jaunts around town without fuss or fanfare. Its understated elegance complements an urban lifestyle where convenience doesn’t sacrifice style or function.

Inokim Quick 3 Hero

  • Range

    30 km

  • Top Speed

    27 kph

  • Motor Power


  • Battery Size

    374 Wh


  • Robust build quality
  • Comfortable ride
  • User-friendly maintenance


  • Moderate hill-climbing power
  • Not built for speed demons
  • Heavier riders may experience reduced performance

Product Overview

Urban adventurers and daily commuters seeking a reliable ride, look no further than the Inokim Quick 3 Hero. This e-scooter strikes a balance between performance and portability that's bound to resonate with city dwellers and last-mile travelers. If you're scouting for an e-scooter that's a notch above entry-level but don't need the overkill power of extreme models, this could be your match.

Design and Build Quality:

Rolling through the streets on my Quick 3 Hero, I couldn't help but admire its refined aesthetics and sturdy frame. Manufacturers chose high-quality aluminum alloy, giving this scooter a premium touch and confidence-inspiring durability. Foldable design elements come in handy during subway rides or when storing in tight spaces. Grips felt secure in my hands, while the deck provided ample foot space – critical for longer rides.

Overall Performance:

Whether zipping across town or enjoying a leisurely ride through the park, this scooter delivers consistent performance. Acceleration is smooth, providing enough zip to get moving without feeling jerky. Its top speed of 27 kph kept pace with urban traffic well. Even hill climbs, while not its strongest suit, were manageable thanks to its robust motor – although heavier riders may notice a slight dip in oomph on steeper inclines.

Braking was reliable; stopping distances felt short and controlled. However, riders who are accustomed to more aggressive speeds might find the overall performance on the tamer side – ideal for safety-conscious users or those new to e-scooters.

The Motors & Battery:

Powering around the cityscape revealed the motor's capability for everyday use. While it won't set any speed records at 250w, it maintained energy efficiency which contributed to respectable battery life. Speaking of the battery, most days I hovered around the 30 km range mark before needing a recharge – pretty spot-on with specifications.

Different scenarios like cooler weather slightly reduced battery performance but not drastically so. Overall, I found myself charging every couple of days with typical use, which feels reasonable for an e-scooter in this class.

The Wheels & Braking:

Riding comfort is partly attributed to pneumatic tires that absorb bumps along less-than-perfect city streets. Transitioning from asphalt to cobblestone paths didn't shake me up as much as expected – a testament to their shock-absorbing capabilities.

Safety always comes first; hence I appreciated how the disc brakes quickly brought me to halt when dodging wayward pedestrians or unforeseen obstacles.

Overall Handling:

Navigating crowded pavements and twisting bike paths was almost second nature aboard this e-scooter. Steering felt intuitive; I effortlessly weaved through tight spaces with precision. Both upright and leaning turns instilled confidence without worry about losing control, which speaks volumes about its handling prowess.

Ride comfort remained high throughout my various excursions, thanks partially to effective suspension systems softening roadway imperfections.

Maintenance and Repair:

Keeping my Quick 3 Hero in top condition required minimal effort – regular cleaning and tire pressure checks mainly. When faced with minor issues, brand support proved helpful though most tweaks were easily DIY-able due to intuitive design features. Spare parts didn't pose a problem either; most were readily available online or through local dealers.

Additional Features:

Integrated lights elevated late evening rides from risky ventures into serene cruises through the city's night-time charm. Electric gauges provided clear readouts making it easy to keep tabs on my speed and battery levels without distracting from the road ahead.


I give the Inokim Quick 3 Hero an 8 out of 10 for striking a fine balance between everyday utility and pleasure riding. It loses some points for moderate hill-climbing power and speed enthusiasts might feel limited by its top-end velocity but gains much back with its dependable build quality, user-friendly features, and satisfactory range.

Inokim Quick 3 Hero Specification

Inokim Quick 3 Hero
14 kg
Max Load
118 kg
Spring + Rubber
30 km
Top Speed
27 kph
Motor Power
Battery Size
374 Wh

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