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Editor's Note

Maneuvering through urban landscapes demands agility and reliability; Fluid Mosquito delivers on both counts. Its ability to infuse daily commutes with efficiency and a hint of excitement makes it a standout option within its category.

Fluid Mosquito

  • Range

    35 km

  • Top Speed

    40 kph

  • Motor Power


  • Battery Size

    460 Wh


  • Agile and easy to maneuver
  • Good speed and acceleration
  • Durable build quality
  • Responsive customer service


  • Solid tires can make rides less comfortable
  • Struggles with steep hills
  • Lack of air-filled tires compromises comfort on rough terrain

Product Overview

Cruising through the city on the Fluid Mosquito has been a revelatory experience. This e-scooter hits the sweet spot for urban dwellers looking for a swift, reliable ride. Professionals darting to work or students weaving through campus will appreciate its nimble nature and punchy motor.

Design and Build Quality:

Fluid Mosquito's chassis flaunts a refined aesthetic with clean lines that echo urban sophistication. Crafted from high-grade materials, this scooter feels sturdy underfoot, instilling confidence on bustling streets. When it arrived, assembly was straightforward—no sweat at all. Notable design elements include its sleek lighting system and dual spring suspension, which both look good and serve practical purposes.

Overall Performance:

Zipping across flat roads or tackling modest inclines, performance never waned. Fluid Mosquito eagerly responds with brisk acceleration, and the 40 kph top speed is more than adequate for urban escapades. Braking is smooth yet assertive, providing peace of mind during unexpected stops. Averaging about 30 km before reaching for the charger comfortably aligns with the advertised range.

The Motors & Battery:

The 500w motor delivers enough oomph to make hill climbs less daunting—though steep slopes did challenge its limits. As for battery life, routine jaunts to coffee shops or evening rides around the neighborhood barely put a dent in it, mirroring the promised specs. In varied conditions, battery performance remained consistent.

The Wheels & Braking:

Solid tires nullify puncture worries but trade-off comes in comfort; rough patches are felt more acutely without the cushion of air-filled alternatives. However, coupled with drum brakes that respond effectively when called upon, safety is top-notch, ensuring quick halts without drama.

Overall Handling:

Fluid Mosquito's handling feels intuitive—tight corners and crowded areas are managed with ease. Despite its solid build, portability isn't compromised; carrying this lightweight scooter onto public transport was hassle-free.

Maintenance and Repair:

During my stint with Fluid Mosquito, maintenance was minimal—just keep it clean and check the screws occasionally. Fortunately, I didn't encounter any issues requiring repair or parts replacement but felt assured knowing customer service was readily accessible.

Additional Features:

Illuminating my path at night were robust lights that punctuated its urban-ready design. The IPX5 water resistance meant not fretting over puddles or light rain, which seamlessly fit into my daily routine.


After thorough testing in various urban scenarios: 8/10—a score reflecting solid build quality, commendable performance metrics and thoughtful features tailored for city use.

Fluid Mosquito Specification

Fluid Mosquito
Fluid Freeride
13 kg
Max Load
Dual Spring
35 km
Top Speed
40 kph
Motor Power
Battery Size
460 Wh
Water Resistant

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