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Editor's Note

Throughout everyday scenarios – quick store trips, leisurely rides by the riverside – Apsuboard F3 proved itself as a reliable companion for someone just dipping their toes into electric skateboarding or preferring short commutes over long expeditions.

Apsuboard F3

Apsuboard F3
  • Range

    14 km

  • Top Speed

    28 km/h

  • Motor Power

    1 × 250 W

  • Battery Size

    144 Wh


  • Affordable entry-level option
  • Good build quality
  • Simple assembly and maintenance


  • Limited top speed
  • Performance dips on steep hills
  • Ride comfort reduces on rough surfaces

Product Overview

Electric skateboards have carved out their niche in the hearts of thrill-seekers and eco-friendly commuters alike. The Apsuboard F3, specifically, seems to nestle right into that sweet spot for beginners or those on a tighter budget who crave the excitement of an e-skateboard without the steep price tag.

Design and Build Quality:

My week with the Apsuboard F3 was an eye-opener to how a compact design can still offer robustness. Crafted with what feels like sturdy materials, this board gave me a sense of durability without being cumbersome. Sleek lines coupled with a minimalist aesthetic make it visually appealing while practicalities like grip tape ensure safety and control during rides. Assembling, although seldom needed, was straightforward – a plus for anyone not mechanically inclined.

Overall Performance:

Navigating city streets and park pathways on this board proved pleasurable. Its zippy 28 km/h top speed had me sailing past traditional skateboarders with ease, though adrenaline junkies might crave more velocity. Uphill treks were managed decently given the single motor, albeit with some loss of oomph on steeper gradients. Braking is smooth but requires some practice to master gracefully. Traveling the full 14 km range was doable, although heavier riders or frequent hill climbs will notice a dip in distance traveled.

The Motors & Battery:

With its solitary 250 W motor, I found power to be adequate for flatland joyrides and light inclines but not quite cut out for more challenging hills. Battery life held up well to the manufacturer's claims under optimal conditions – mild weather and flat terrains – but pushing the board's capabilities meant recharging sooner than expected.

The Wheels & Braking:

Wheels are your connection to the ground and thus integral to the ride experience. The 90 mm wheels on this model cushioned most bumps along my journey, though rougher roads were less forgiving. Braking demanded a learning curve; initially jerky responses evolved into smoother stops with time and practice.

Overall Handling:

Maneuvering through obstacles and around corners felt intuitive after getting acquainted with the board's responsiveness. Comfort during longer rides never waned thanks to its ergonomic design which eased any strain on my legs or feet.

Maintenance and Repair:

Maintenance was minimal during my time with the F3, yet its simplicity suggests DIY upkeep would be hassle-free. In terms of support, while I didn't need repairs, there's confidence in knowing parts are readily available if needed.

Additional Features:

Having a quality remote control at my fingertips made adjusting speeds effortless and felt like an extension of my own reflexes. Safety features such as responsive braking and solid construction added peace of mind during daily use.


Taking everything into account – design, performance, handling – I'd rate the Apsuboard F3 a solid 7/10. While it excels in simplicity and ease of use for novices or casual riders, those seeking high-powered thrills or longer commutes might reach its limits quickly.

Apsuboard F3 Specification

Apsuboard F3
5.6 kg
14 km
Top Speed
28 km/h
Motor Power
1 × 250 W
Battery Size
144 Wh
Drive Train
1WD, hub drive, 90 mm

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