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Editor's Note

Despite some room for improvement in power and comfort on rugged terrains, the LOU 1.0 holds its own as a reliable companion for your urban adventures or casual jaunts around town.

LOU 1.0

LOU 1.0
  • Top Speed

    28 km/h

  • Battery Size

    79 Wh


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Simple to use and set up
  • Quiet motor operation


  • Struggles with steep hills
  • Less comfortable on rough surfaces
  • Spare parts availability can be hit or miss

Product Overview

When you're in the market for an e-skateboard that's catered to daily commutes with a dash of thrill, the LOU 1.0 might just be up your alley. Geared towards riders who appreciate a combination of compact design and moderate speed, this board strikes a chord with urban commuters and fun-seekers alike.

Design and Build Quality:

The moment I laid hands on the LOU 1.0, its compact elegance was apparent. Constructed with quality materials, this e-skateboard feels solid underfoot. Portability is a highlight here; carrying it around was a breeze due to its lightweight nature. Out of the box, setup was minimal - no assembly headaches here.

Overall Performance:

Throughout my rides, the LOU 1.0 delivered consistent performance. Zipping through city streets at speeds reaching 28 km/h felt exhilarating yet controlled. While not the fastest board on the block, its acceleration is smooth for daily commutes or leisurely cruises. Braking is reliable but could use a tad more responsiveness for sudden stops. On flatter terrain, it rides like a dream but tackling steep inclines can be challenging.

The Motors & Battery:

Despite modest motor power, the dual hub system propels you forward effectively without loud whirring noises. Battery life generally matched expectations, allowing me to cover considerable distances on a single charge; however, frequent high-speed journeys may see you reaching for the charger more often than anticipated.

The Wheels & Braking:

Riding comfort was satisfactory on well-paved roads; however, bumpy surfaces made for a less pleasant experience due to the wheel design. The regenerative braking system contributes to battery longevity but as mentioned earlier, requires finesse during emergency braking situations.

Overall Handling:

Handling on this skateboard is intuitive — making sharp turns and weaving through obstacles came naturally after just a few rides. Comfort-wise, longer sessions might leave you wishing for more foot cushioning but for short to medium trips, it's spot-on.

Maintenance and Repair:

Maintenance has been mainly hassle-free with only basic cleaning needed so far. When issues did arise, customer service proved helpful although DIY fixes were sometimes quicker due to part availability being sporadic.

Additional Features:

Simplicity reigns with the LOU 1.0 — there's no surplus of fancy tech features here. But what stands out is its ease of use and straightforward remote control that meshes seamlessly into your ride routine without overcomplicating things.


Factoring in design, performance, and user experience, I'd rate the LOU 1.0 at a solid 7/10.

LOU 1.0 Specification

LOU 1.0
4.8 kg
Top Speed
28 km/h
Battery Size
79 Wh
Drive Train
2WD, hub drive, 0 mm

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