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Apollo City

Apollo City
  • Range

    45 km

  • Top Speed

    40 kph

  • Motor Power


  • Battery Size

    634 Wh

The Apollo City is a lightweight and durable electric scooter. It has a range of 45 km, max speed of 40 kph, and motor power of 600w. The battery size is 634 Wh with weight 18 kg. It has dual spring suspension ensures a comfortable ride. The front and rear lights come in handy when it starts to get dark out, and with disc brakes for quick stops, this scooter is perfect for any situation. The pneumatic tires are perfect for all types of terrain, and the IP54 water resistance keeps it running smoothly in wet conditions.
Apollo City
Max Load
120 kg
Hill Climbability
28 %
Water Resistant
Recharge Time
4 - 8 hours
Regenerative Braking
Front Disc, Rear Drum + ABS
Dual Spring
45 km
Motor Power
Top Speed
40 kph
Battery Size
634 Wh
18 kg
Reviews of the Apollo City
Rated 4.0 / 5 from 9 Reviews
Well-Rounded 28 MPH Urban Commuter
The Apollo City is a premium urban scooter we think every commuter will want to take a look at. It hits the sweet spot of having amazing speed and comfort, great quality and support, but is still affordable and lightweight enough to be portable.
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Apollo City Review 2021
  • - 4.25
There are no two ways about it, the Apollo City is one of, if not the, best scooters for commuters. It’s perfectly designed for city rides with a compact, light, and sleek body, and you won’t have to worry about being late for work. Reaching top speeds of 25 mph, the 600W motor (with a peak output of 800W) sees it able to climb to an impressive 15 mph in just over 4 seconds, meaning it packs a punch when you’re riding against the clock.
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The Apollo City is a fun and fast electric scooter — with turn signals
  • - 4
Among the best electric scooters, the second-generation Apollo City has a number of qualities that help it stand out. At $1,500, it’s on the higher end of the electric scooter market, but has the features to justify the price: A smooth, powerful ride, regenerative brakes, and an app that lets you customize its performance. At 57 pounds, the Apollo City is pretty heavy, so apartment dwellers might prefer a lighter model such as the Unagi Model One, which weighs and costs a good deal less than the Apollo City. However, that model isn’t as powerful and lacks any sort of suspension.
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Apollo City Review 2021
  • - 4.1
Starting off our 2021 Apollo City eScooter review with a brief overview. Apollo Scooters always surprise us, this time releasing a convenient commuter’s option, the City. For starters, the ride is incredibly comfortable, thanks to a spacious deck and superb suspension; more of which we discuss in our “design & ergonomics section. Much like many of their models, this variant also claims an IP54 waterproof rating, protecting against dust ingress and sustained water blasts. We were especially surprised with the power packed into this scooter, which we cover below. All in all, a very welcome addition and a cost-effective solution for commuters & casual riders alike. So without further delay, lets begin our Apollo City review for 2021, starting off with speed, power & distance.
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A very comfortable ride that checks all of our boxes and truly impressed us with its speed and range
  • - 4.4
The Apollo City is our highest-rated electric scooter and we've given it the Premium pick for this round of testing. Boasting the highest top speed, a smooth, comfortable ride, powerful brakes, and one of the longest distance ranges of the test, we found little we didn't like about this well-rounded model. Invest a little extra in your transportation, and you'll be happy you have a reliable tech toy customizable to your needs
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The Best Electric Scooter Under $1000
If your budget is around $1000, and you are simply looking for the best scooter $1000 can buy, then I would almost instantly recommend this scooter, both as your first scooter, and as an upgrade to your previous budget model. Its level of quality is just brilliant. The only type of scooterist that should strongly consider a different model is someone looking for a super-fast scooter, a scooter with a very long range, or an off-road scooter. Everyone else will never look back on buying this scooter. I believe that, at this moment, this is the best electric scooter under $1000, and it’s almost impossible to make a mistake with it.
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A fantastic, robust, rigid, reliable scooter perfect for commuters backed by a long warranty and excellent customer support. Highly recommended. In fact, we’re 100% sure you’ll love it – everyone does. Plus on top of all those excellent attributes, the Apollo City is on sale in the United Kingdom at a really affordable price accompanied by the reliable Apollo scooter name meaning you’re getting one of the best commuter scooters on the market at fantastic value – what’s not to love?
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This electric kick scooter is hefty, but it’s comfortable, nimble, and loaded with friendly features.
  • - 3.5
Why buy the City? I see the City as a friendlier escooter. Features like turn signals, puncture-resistant tires, better water resistance, and speed-limiting capabilities make it a great option for casual riders and newcomers alike. It's the comfortable, family-friendly scooter that will satisfy most people—so long as you have an elevator.
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Apollo City Electric Scooter Review
  • - 4
With its impressive suspension, safe braking system, good warranty, and competitive price we rank the Apollo City 8.1 out of 10. It was good enough to make it into our best electric scooters of the year guide. This scooter packs a punch at a reasonable cost and is good for new and experienced riders alike. There really aren’t many drawbacks with this scooter and we recommend it for most commuters. To get anything better you’d have to spend a considerably larger amount of money, so the Apollo City is one of the best value scooters for its price range.
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